! Blizzard: BAN, BAN, BAN the first in the rankings!

Why are all the top rankings still there !! ?? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

GR 150 in less than 40 seconds !!

So there are only interns at Blizzard !!!

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Rule one of D3, do not worry about the leaderboards.


EU has been fixed now, dunno if people got banned or not, leaderboards seems to be back to normal


I took great pleasure reading General Chat on EU where someone said that four of the players from his Friends List, that he knew had been using the exploit, no longer showed up on his list, i.e. it would appear they were banned.


I’m on the (French language) EU forum, it’s funny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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all they did was remove them from the leaderboards? All the 1 minute 150gr loot and paragons remain? insane. dead season, not even gonna bother, 1 week in and i quit.


That is what you do best. Complain and quit.


Weren’t you supposed to uninstall d3 and remove your forum account?
You did indicate that on several occasions…
So why still playing if you hate the game so much?


Blue post on this matter?

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top of the forum. “hotifx”

I mean blue post on those exploiter, clearing LB and fixing the bug is only stage 1… we need stage 2 blue post like China server did.

the hotfix post seemed final to me. i dont think they plan to do anything else other then reply on us players to give feedback.

You just said you quit.

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i did.
are you obsessed with me? rent free?

Final or not is up to the player base

I really doubt that anyone has been banned, otherwise FilthieRich would’ve mentioned it in the blue post, all that they did is (probably) nerfed GOD DH even more and cleared the leaderboards


Your Career Page shows that you haven’t played since November 1st…

How did you manage to quit something you never even started?


well im not going to play a game with dev’s that allow exploiters to get ahead with no repercussions.

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i dont play my extra accounts until i get running good on my 4 main accounts. you think i have time? only a botter would think i have that much spare time