Blessed shield is underwhelming

I tried LoN blessed shield on Ptr and it was fun for T16 Rift but for pushing it is very underwhelming, I keep losing stacks when the Grift boss spawns some other spot from where I am standing, running to a boss I lose stacks, and if the boss is without any adds, its painful to work up to 100 stacks. please reduce to stack to 10 or 20. And give it the same changes as GoD dh got with season 29.


Let’s monitor the Non-Season Ladder, there is no doubt that LoD Blessed Shield performance is very poor. Barbarian can team play GR150(ZBarb in party play), and the LoD Hammer Ancient is A-Tier. The Crusader can’t join a party play in GR150, and the strength of the LoD Blessed Shield is only C-Tier now. If the LoD Blessed Shield can’t be buffed, a large number of players will be very disappointed. I hope Devs can pay attention to the issue of weak LoD Blessed Shield.
The LoD Blessed Shield should be a A-Tier build,My proposal is,the Akkhan’s Leniency:Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases the damage of your Blessed Shield by 200% for 8 seconds.Stacks up to 50 times (No more individual stacks).


10000% would be 2.5x more percentage than current levels. I’m regularly critting for 15-30T (fluctuates due to squirts) on my crusader without Akarat’s Champion or Laws of Valor activated, with higher crits during CoE rotation, CDs (of course) with 2 primals (weapon+witching hour) My shield has 389% and bracers 495%… My legendary gems are Trapped @ 50, LOD @ 99, and Gogok @ 42…(I know I should be using stricken) and ONLY 2x 500 str AUGMENTS… I still have MUCH more room for damage output.

10,000% would be entirely too strong.

The crusader definitely has potential viability as a trash killer. They bring no CC to the party with the build (which is generally good), but can bring additional damage increase via Laws of Valor. They could also swap Laws to provide more survivability, if necessary for the party. There’s no role for Blessed Shield as a RGK though, so it would definitely only be a TK. With a good Zbarb pulling large stacks and pixel pulling, the crusaders area damage + “combust” (33% proc change) rune on shield throw, I think their AOE could rival most AOE builds. They could also swap to the holy rune “shattering throw” if they solely wanted to rely on their area damage, as it procs 3 shields after the first shield hits, which would result in a higher likelihood of area damage proc’ing, and more damage output based on RNG (20% x 3), if those shields proc area damage. (I’m not certain that they can, but I’m assuming they can)

You haven’t even looked at the PTR Ladder, you have no idea how bad Crusader’s current record is. 10000% mean only buff 6 GR to the current strength, which is not too much.Undoubtedly, the current LoD Blessed Shield is C-Tier, and a large number of players hope it will become an A-Tier, which requires at least buff 6 tiers.

You don’t even know how strong the output is required to be a push role in party play GR150, you’re just imagining. Even the LoD Hammer Ancient has no ability to be a push role inGR150 at all, let alone C-Tier’s LoD Blessed shield.

Lmao… the highest PTR seasonal shield throw crusader is GR128 with mostly terrible, unoptimized gear.

10,000% would buff the build by 10+ GR’s EASILY.

That’s weird, considering I was the trash killer for our 4man in 150s in season 27… guess I just imagined that too, huh?

You’re stuck on meta builds that streamers told you to love. That’s all.

You’re making a TON of assumptions because you’re mad that I’m disagreeing with your low IQ ideas.

Keep making up dumb scenarios in your head to cope with the fact that you’re just throwing out numbers instead of actually playing the PTR.

How did you calculate that 10000% is an increase of 10 GR? You are just a noob.
At present,the Akkhan’s Leniency is to increase damage by 40%,100 stacks, which is equivalent to 4000% damage. You said that increasing the damage to 10000% is an increase of 10 GR, and your own IQ is only low.
Do you really know how much damage doubling is required to increase by 10 GR? I talk you that needs a 4.8 fold increase in damage.

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Yeah, I’d recommend learning some rather basic math if you’re going to make claims of how much certain buffs affect.

As Leal said, 10 GRs increase requires 4.8x more damage. Remember that monster health increases 17% each GR level, multiplicatively. That means monsters 10 GRs higher have 1.17^10 = ~4.8 times health. To achieve that power the full Leniency stack buff would need to be 19200% at minimum.

Likewise increasing the Leniency buff to just 10000% would be mere 2.5x buff, which is log (2.5) / log (1.17) = ~5.84 or less than 6 GRs.


I wouldn’t mind some more QoL changes for Blessed Shield. I don’t want it to be too powerful so that it gets super nerfed, but I would love to be able to play my favorite build viably.

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The ad hominem attacks are adorable, keep it up <3

Uh oh… looks like some people forgot to factor in the new potential of paragon choices and the scaling of +150% more area damage, coupled with potentially +30% more attack speed, +150% more Crit hit damage, +15% more critical chance…

I guess none of those things matter when presenting damage figures. I fully expect both of you to not put points in them above 50 when the season starts :kissing_heart:

absolute clowns.

You personally attacked me first

Increase by 6 GR from 4000% to 10000%, it’s not related to your critical chance or critical damage or attack speed,because you choose to test on Season or Non Season PTR, other attributes remain unchanged.

Calling an IDEA low IQ isn’t directly insulting you. It’s still a low IQ idea.

You’re 100% right, the combined potential of doing 150% more area damage, 150% more crit damage, critting more often, or attacking faster doesn’t affect anything. You’re a genius. I have 0 clue. Welcome to ignore bud.

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I didn’t skim over any of it. That’s why I specifically said “or” in between them. Comma’s are a representation of multiple instances of “or” being used.

If I said “Choose $5, $20, or $100” You’d recognize that as a choice between 3 things, only being able to pick one. That’s how it’s intended in my comment as well.

Also, you may not have less, depending on your build, as some builds value certain stats over others. For instance, my LOD HOTA barb. I took all my points into Maximum fury to get 100% crit chance with HOTA, so I don’t have to take crit elsewhere. Critting 100% of the time is more valuable than 1000 strength.

It’s called an ANALOGY… jesus christ dude… your desire to be ignorant and hostile is insane.

LOD shield throw will benefit differently depending on your stats, which, paragon affects because you will pick different stats in a particular paragon category.

For example: if you have enough critical chance, you will dump paragon into critical hit damage. Maintaining a ratio of 10:1 (which is widely known as the rule of thumb, with some exceptions)

OR if you got some primal shoulders, but you’re missing Cooldown Reduction on them, you can put the paragon points into Cooldown Reduction to make up for it.

I really shouldn’t have to hold your hand through understanding the basics of diablo 3 and stat priorities… paragon choices vary on build/playstyle. This should be a well known thing at this point.

the paragon changes change the dynamic of computing how many GR clears a particular buff to a static stat would give.

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