Biggest threats on HC

Hey, im quite fresh to HC. However it has worked well so far, just reached around paragon 350 and found a full inna set.

What Im wondering now: what are the biggest risk, that I have to consider.

Im thinking of my non HC Shadow DH which hit a desert dervish with a dagger and immediately died. Wasnt a big deal ofc but it took me a while until i figured out why i die all the time vs dervish.

would prefer to avoid such a experience on HC for example^^

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Overconfidence may be the biggest threat in HC.


Trashmobs that hit harder than guardians, e.g. goat spearmen, or charge at you from off-screen so you have no way of even attempting to avoid them. Oh, and standing in fire.

One thing you need to be cognizant of is that on hardcore, it’s not a case of if you’ll die, but rather when and if it was a heroic death where your foes are all around you and you defiantly spit in their eye with a curse on your breath as they finally take you down… or because of a disconnect / lag.


I’d say molten elites are the most dangerous due to the explosion being the most damaging thing in the game. Most of my chars use star of azkaranth to absorb fire since it’s definitely the most prevalent and dangerous element. Besides do u really need that ring slot in your cube?

When it comes to dune dervishes I think the only one that is really THAT dangerous is the key warden one. I’ve definitely died to that one at least once. Really just have to be paying attention while fighting them or they will reflect your damage till you die.

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what ever you do, DO NOT take any champs into boss fights or key dungeons that rely on mobs. Have blundered into this at least twice on my necros in the past.

remember that Malthael smacks hard in phase 2 and you don’t want to have already exhausted your death cheat or you’ll just pop when he spreads his wings.

and agree with what others have said, those spearman are crazy dmg, and anything that goes boom after death will wipe you out or proc your cheat death.

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hey, thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

yes, i am prepared, as you say i would prefer a heroic death and not a sudden, stupid accident.

royal grandeur? yes i think i need it or what are you referring to?

this is really helpful, i never do malthael because i barely know him and i have too much respect of what could happen in there :smiley:

besides what was already mentioned i find those succubus shooting the fire orbs extremely dangerous and i once realized again that the arcane wards do tons of dmg

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I think there’s too many to count. Play a melee class and tank everything you can to understand the mechanics. If there was a guidebook like Diablo 2, that would be an interesting read. It’s not exactly cheating, but a way to learn if you find information online about them. Even Barbarians are prone to reflect damage while using ranged attacks such as Frenzy (Sidearm).


nope, they are all deadly when it comes to impale s6. Instadeath. Just run past them and avoid them. Same with sand dwellers.

Overconfidence is a big issue when playing HC.

Know your mobs - quit the game when presented with really bad mobs.

know your maps - quit the game when they are presented (for example, paths of the drowned rift maps). The blood pools are instadeath.

Don’t push too hard, too early.

I personally choose to run diamonds in the chest and amethyst gems in the pants for more toughness etc. As I play a DH, I run with companion ==> boar.

always run a cheat death passive. ALWAYS.

Know when to back off and kite safely vs mobs if you’ve procced your cheat death passive.


And no one has mentioned alcohol? Maybe that’s just me.

Avoid sobriety while playing. Go drunk or go home.


I don’t drink. Yeah, so…

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Biggest threat currently is the game freezing with the season 22 patch.


Why that?_____________

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Alcohol impairs your judgement, motor skills, and reaction time.
Still, it’s better to die from an “Oopsie” than a freeze/disconnect.
I’ve had my share of beer related deaths. Oh well.
At least I don’t drive like that.


If your sleepy don’t plat HC!


I recommend to create a a “power leveling gear” that is useful for any char by leveling a Gem of ease and use it on the cube to downgrade the level requirement of the gear to lvl 1. and also another gem of easy as high as possible to use in your weapon. i have a leveling gear i can power level my self to 70 in 10 to 15 minutes whenever death hit me
the gear i use is: Cain set(the one whit exp), the Born set, hell fire ring and Leoric ring that have % exp, the Leoric crow whit a red gem and a hell fire amulet . you get the idea


nice idea, thanks! _______________


Biggest threat in HC is a disconnection or lag imo. Save as much extra gear as possible, lvl gems for augmenting that you run in your setups to use as possible replacements, and run t16/bounties in subpar (extra gear) once you are strong enough to not see a difference in clear speed. Being in a clan that offers plvling after a rip is nice. Hardcore for life is an active clan full of good hearted people that do just this.


You have to play the character and style that is enjoyable for you. I play HC wizard because I enjoy that character. It has genuine advantages in HC due to having hydras which I can throw out in front of me and which cannot be reflected back on me, magical shields to absorb damage, and the character is intelligence based which raises my resistances to high levels. The major disadvantage is the wizard moves slowly (which is sometimes an advantage in HC) and is somewhat underpowered.


I second overconfidence. My Wiz recently died because of it. My tip is to always err on the side of safety. If you can breeze the T level without your HP bar getting drained in chunks, but still get the challenge you need, that is the safest T level for you.

I’m not talking about getting 700B damage and staying in just T1. Of course that’s the safest. Just be cautious when promoting yourself to higher T’s.


When engaging with elites, learn to always read the elite description if they are wallers, arcane, mortar. I would keep distance, plan ahead save my escape skill for when sh*t hits the fan.

My bane has always been acts 4 and 5 monsters because they stun. It took me hours or maybe years of playing to somehow get the feel of how they move so I can play around them.

Also when you do ubers, the Diablo realm is the pain in the a**… Harder than adventure/campaign mode Diablo. He spawns all ubers.


n00bs trying to push 135+