Bias community listening?

DH God gets a NERF and the community gets upset so certain adjustments were made. Wiz Firebirds get a buff then a NERF amd the community gets upset and certain adjustments were made.

WD gets a NERF for whatever reason and I guess not enough community got upset so nothing ugh :frowning:


True. Some of us though did get upset and we received zero responses from anyone up high. It’s basically how they are gonna handle nerfs from now on. Destroy a class, then throw 2 random reworks of something else, make them either 8 min gr150 broken or super bad and have a whole month of testing and posting for the only purpose to forget how bad a said class becomes.


It is a slap in the face that they nerf it again after letting the Bone Nec be even more OP last season and then don’t even try to adjust the new Bears build they left in a pitiful state last patch.


Its how barbs went from zero to hero WW 3-4 seasons ago was all the complaining. Guess we need to be the squeaky wheel.

The time will come for us.

Witch Doctor is the bastard child of the Diablo Franchise, it will always be this way.

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The Barb is a great example… I was so happy they made changes to WW and I’ve enjoyed it the last few seasons and it seems to be staying as is now.

Introduce Mundunugu a couple of seasons ago and it was a breathe of fresh air for the class that is pretty much bottom of the pile. We literally got like 2 seasons before we were b&@ch slapped back into the bottom of the pecking order.

How dare we :frowning:

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