Beta release date for Xbox

This is the D2 Resurrected Beta link on Microsoft store
https :// www. microsoft .com/en-us/p/diablo-ii-resurrected-beta/9p0klwlk59jc?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

It says release date is 8/17. PC early access should be a little before that. May be 8/13


Most closed betas start usually 2-3 days before open, so probably not a whole week, but still, some clarification finally.

Oh well I will be damned, so it does. 17th is a tuesday too, which is usually their update days, so maybe we get it at the weekend? Friday 13th?


ill be dipped
its does say it there
blizz leaked they own beta date or was it microhard?

Sounds about right to me

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They said that it will something like two separate weekends. One for each beta. So judging by that statement, they would be ~1 week apart.

The only questions are:

  • is the date accurate
  • does it mark the start of open or closed beta?
  • what should we do for september? :confused:

He did say weekends, that still confuses me though

Thanx! Good info we waitng this a lot, but why blizzard dont write about this on the forum or news?

Well if Tuesday 17th is open beta, and we get early access, surely that would be Friday 13th, next friday

True. It seems odd. Maybe xbox has separate beta time frames.
Or maybe the shop just added a placeholder date.

It also says that date is subject to change and refers people to check the Diablo 2 news page for dates

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Lol I bloody well hope they havent put place holder date, that would be uber crappy to do that. I am guessing it is legit though, I think Microsoft knows something we peons don’t.


A placeholder wouldve been one year in the future lol

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@Kingmaker: can you please update your thread title to a bit less click-bait.

It’s not 99,9% confirmed. Just write “beta-release date for xbox open beta” or something similar. That should be the safest bit of information.

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I think they always put that for legal reasons in case something goes wrong. It is mostly useful for Gold release dates which are months away

I’m going to say we will have announcement on Tuesday, which seems to be D2Rs favorite day of the week for any announcements. I think what Pez was saying, was that the Betas two phases will encompass two weekends. So, Friday 13th - Monday 23rd. They want to make sure each phase sees weekend play, as that will be when the most people will be able to play.


Just saw this on Xbox and came to post it too. Niceee! Hopefully the date is legit then!

Hmm I wonder if that’s the early access date though or the open one for everyone?

Friday the 13th would be a great day for closed beta!

Maybe someone over there finally got some marketing understanding!

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That’s what I think it will be, I am convinced of it.

If this turns out to be true then they are great news.

My prediction was for August 20.