Best build for leveling up Leg gems NS

Currently playing Non-Season. and I’m trying out different builds from Icy Veins. And what I need to do is level up my gems as fast as possible. I was wondering if there’s a good build for running low level rifts as fast as possible. Since what’s needed for higher level rifts (more damage needed per creature) is different then what one needs for rifts under lvl 50. (more creatures targeted faster)

What is a “low level rift”?

The best set for fast rifts is Manajuma.
You can use it easily with Helltooth, Mundu and Arachyr sets.

under 40-50. so lvling from rank 1 to at least 25. Doing lower level rifts do get less rewards, if I’m trying to get 75 (combined) levels it’s faster to do a low level enhanced rift (5 points per run) vs higher levels (like ~5 minutes vs ~8-12 minutes).

So try Manajuma + one of the 3 sets I mentioned above :slightly_smiling_face:

Like Manajuma + Arachyr + Wormwood (cube) and Hex “Angry chicken” (skill)

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Inna Water Elemental Monk. With decent gear, ingeom and echoing fury. 1:40 to 2:30 minute GR90s non seasonal. Witchdoctor - Mundunugu or Typhon Wizard. All still attack as they are looting so perfect for that sort of work.
Actually, you can add the LOD - Mages build that Wudijo has on youtube also. Tried it last night and it works.

In general, maxroll is the place to go for guides:

Icy veins guides can be good, but sometimes the D3 guides are quite outdated. Better to stick to maxroll guides that are always on point.

Any “speed” build like Demon Hunter Gears of the Dreadlands, Barbarian Whirlrend, Barbarian Savages, Monk Patterns of Justice, etc. Any that kill and keep moving.


As this is in the WD section, an “angry chicken” build is good but so would a firebats build. I’d have normally said zombie bears but there are just too many maps that ruin them.

None of the WD builds are really that good for speeds but the Corpse Spider build is probably the best this season imo. Spirit barrage and Darts about the same speed if you prefer one of those builds. At gr 50 you can do 90-120 second runs with just about any build. The main things for being fast on pretty much any WD build are using Severance, Stalker, and Soul to Waste with Rechels ring, Ingeom, and Shukrani’s. Chicken builds can move very fast but they kill very slow.