Best amulets for hardcore?

I personally go for the defensive amulets (arcane, fire or poison resist.)

How about y’all?

I usually go for EW set, Flavor, or HellFire (if the passive is good).
Squirt’s is risky in HC.

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With good shields I use Squirts for my wizard. I absolutely hate using Squirt because when things go bad they go bad super quickly, but the wizard simply needs the damage buff. For players w/o shields I use Flavor if it has good rolls or Hellfire if the character has desirable passives.

Usually, if I die in normal mode, it’s because some mob dropped an arcane turret on me, I got walled in with arcane or an exploding mob, or too much poison on the floor. While I’ve experimented with more offensive gear, if I’m pushing a rift or torment level in hardcore mode, I’ll toss on Countess Julia’s Cameo, or occasionally the one for poison or fire (through either equipping or cubing.)

The Flavor of Time. This should be relied upon if you happen to progress in Greater Rifts.

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I personally go for the defensive amulets (arcane, fire or poison resist.)

It really depends on the character you are playing. My preferred character is a wizard which has good natural resistances due to needing high intelligence. After buffing your resistances you also need good mobility to get off poisoned/burning/exploding spots. If you want to survive you must have some way to move away from bad situations. I also use a HC WW/Rend Barb for my speed runs. My Barb has low resistance compared to my wizard, but moves so quickly that most ground effects have little impact, and is also immune to controlling impairing effects due to Invigorating gem. My Barb almost always uses Flavor of Time. The Endless Walk set is a good set, but does take up two slots. When in doubt just peruse your leader board and see what other people near your skill level are doing. When I place on the board I usually look at the 3-5 players directly above me and below me for ideas. Players too far above me are probably doing things I just can’t do, and players too far below may not have better ideas. Sometimes the ideas I get from what other players are doing don’t really improve my character, but they allow me to play my character in a new manner while I am adding paragon points. This helps combat boredom and I suspect boredom kills more HC players than anything.


Ancestor’s Grace Amulet.

Hard to find, but an instant cheat death. It restores you to 100% health, but is destroyed in the process. I have four, but haven’t used them yet. My thought is to wear one and carry one for a fast replacement when it’s used during higher rift pushing.

Anybody have experience with this and know how it works effectively?

You cannot change equipment in a GR. If you lose your AG in a GR you will need to exit the GR and the game to re-equip an amulet.

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Ancestor’s Grace Amulet is total junk. Playing scared is not the way to play. Most builds have an ammy you almost have to use to make the build work.


well it really depend of the class and the build, I like the Fire inmunity amulet but cant always use inmunities

Now that the follower has a cheat death and your character has one also, They proc at different times. First the follower and then yours. So I usually opt for a Hellfire Amulet.

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I was testing out a build in SC the other day and put on Arcane and cubed poison. The used blackthorns set and had damage reduction but killing stuff becomes a problem in high GR’s so it’s a trade off between elemental damage reduction and efficiency.

Travelers Pledge,
Haunted Visions.
FOT followers or i may wear in group. depending on class.

dont see the point of AG, hellfire, etc

I would use squirts bc your going to die anyways. They won’t fix their game and you will die straight through follower and passive procs due to stupid issue where they won’t pop to save you.

For barb most recommend the squirts for pushing. You get the Shield buff and can finish the rift fast- However I hate it and it seems like something to only use on a very top level rift. The kind where everything has to go right in order to finish it on time. At least for Hardcore where you need to have NOS. With squirts you are cutting a ton of damage out without the shield.

Squirts necklace !!!

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