Battle Rage Bloodshed - crazy synergy w/ Bastions Revered?

So I was experimenting with different runes for battle rage, and I was using bloodshed which deals (now) 40% of your crits to all enemies every 1 second.

Whereas Bastions Revered severely slowed down group damage (split between all enemies), it was as if it was dealing the total damage to each enemy because of the Bloodshed rune.

Not sure if I discovered something here tbh because my runs went down from 4 minutes @ 95GR to 2:30 @ 95GR because of one rune.

Has anyone else tried this out before? Just feel like everyone should know about this!

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Bloodshed is a recommended choice for several builds, excluding WW builds.

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Quick question: I noticed these large explosions when I have Bloodshed selected in addition to the regular “waves” or explosions of damage that come out as a result of the rune. The explosions (not waves) are one hit killing everything and Im not sure what they are exactly, but the regular waves or regular explosions from the rune are doing nowhere that damage. Any explanation?

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I can’t be sure without video of what you’re seeing, but I suspect you’re talking about Area Damage explosions going off alongside Bloodshed procs. Note that Bloodshed does not proc Area Damage (“AD” for short), but your attacks proc both.

A side note: Area Damage is one of the strongest sources of damage in the game, and every Barb build stacks as much of it as possible. When fighting in density–which is also where every Barb build shines–Area Damage is a major contributor to your damage output. If you don’t stack Area Damage, you are crippling your ability to deal a build’s maximum (or even in the same ballpark as “maximum”) damage.

Recently, a long-time Barb poster began to make claims doubting the worth of Area Damage. Trust me when I say you don’t want to take build advice from that person, and you absolutely don’t want to ignore the value of AD.

Battle Rage: Bloodshed is a crucial part of the H90 Frenzy build (to which, I assume, you’re referring) as the H90 set doubles the rune’s damage output. For more information, check the stickied H90 Frenzy guide located in this Barb forum. Based on your profile (which may not be accurate), you’re using an inferior version of the build and most of your gear doesn’t have the right rolls. Not a critique–it takes time to perfect your gear–but you’ll want to consult the guide and make whatever adjustments you can; you’ll likely see a significant jump in power after just a few tweaks.


It must be area damage like you said. Though I didn’t think it could delete mobs, unless there is an odd interaction with the extra 10 hits from Bastions and Bloodshed?

Area Damage hits like a nuke, especially when you stack it. And remember, in H90, Bloodshed is dealing double it’s normal amount of damage!