Barb WW/Rend Question


I’m currently playing the WW/Rend barb. And I’m a little confused about the Rend thing while whirlwinding. Am i supposed to massclick on Rend while Whirlwinding mobs?

This seems quite hard to do cuz when i do it the hero stops for a moment making it easy for elites to kill me. Just askin if im doing right? Or im just supposed to have Ambo’s sword and let the dmg go in with the WW never actually click on the Rend skill?

EDIT: I’ve seen some people saying its not worth using Rend with the WW build. Is this true?

my tag Dassh#2777

There’s no requirement to be hard-casting Rend as the new version of Ambo’s Pride automatically applies Rend to targets you hit with Whirlwind and Lamentation vastly increases the damage Rend does.

More details can be found in the WW/Rend guide…


But how comes when im actually hard casting Rend the kills goes much faster?

Looked at you EU profile. You have some unorthodox choices. Like can you keep up Wrath of the Berserker all the time?

I’ve just changed my Ruthless skill to Boon of bul kathos. Now i can keep it up for the most part. somestimes just seconds i cannot use it.

Ty for looking out, been frustrating on what im doing wrong.

Got any other tip on what i can do to increase def and damage?

EDIT: Is it worth change any skill to rampage?

Read the guide… CDR is usually advised on weapons. Don’t use Skull Grasp, Flavor of Time or one of the rings advised for in the guide should be in the Cube. Diamond is preferred in helmet (but you don’t need CDR everywhere possible of course).