Barb Patch 2.7.5 wish list

1.Might of The Earth:6p bounus 20000%(C tier)→40000%.
2.H90:6p bounus 1000%(B tier)→1500%.
3.Bul-Kathos’s Oath swords set:Add S27 WW Crucible in it.
update date 10/30/2022:
4.I hope the meaning of IK set is not only the best choice for barb players to use the HoTA at the beginning of a Season, but also that it will become a set with specific Build in Patch 2.7.5, just like the new Akkhan set.
update date Jan.19th 2023:
The Barb rely too much on charge to move. I think the movement ability of Frenzy H90 can’t compare to the Diablo 2’s Frenzy. When I started playing H90, I was disappointed with the Frenzy running speed. Compared with D2’s Frezy running speed, it run too slowly.
H90 4p bounus add this:Frenzy movement speed doubled.

1: Well, MOTE is B tier, not C tier (it is a little stronger than Frenzy), but doubling the set bonus would be fine. That would not, however, solve the problem of very long boss fights. I’d personally be ok with that, but that is the #1 thing that people complain about when it comes to this set.

2: Like I already told you, increasing the 6-piece bonus to 15000% is not enough. It could double to 20000% and still be no stronger than the HotAs. If we wanted it to be a viable RGK for groups, it would almost certainly need still more.

3: That would probably be fine, I don’t think Rend would end up being super OP as a result or anything like that- none of the Rend clears from this season have yet matched Season 26’s marks for the build, and the season theme there was: nothing. With that power on the BK swords, you’d be dropping the buffs from Istvans, so you’d expect to lose 1-2 tiers of performance vs the season 27 marks. A bigger “problem” might be that a spinning-based version of Earthquake could become the strongest MOTE build in non-season (and in subsequent seasons as well). That would mean that Rend, LoD HotA, IK HotA, and MOTE Earthquake all use WW for a similar purpose, and that would be an unfortunate amount of homogeneity in our builds.


Id love if mote became one of those builds that dont need stricken until like gr150.

Thank you. I was worried that H90 6P 20000% bounus will lead to the ZBarb and H90 RGK both apears in a four players team. Your reply dispels my concern. Thank you again for your comprehensive consideration.

Just my opinion on the ww pull power. It is not so much that it boost teirs on the top end but is an absolute huge boost for low end clears. At the top end when thousands of keys are fished it might be a 1-2 level boost. In reality this only effects a select few players. On the low end meaning low paragon and non fishing clears it is anyones guess how many teirs it gains. Comparing my personal clears and similar amounts of effort I would say it is about 8 teirs better for a sub 50 key push. And this is leaning towards the low side.
When comparing a kozmiks era 16 140 clear@4800 to this seasons 146@3837 paragon.
You get a similar outcome.

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Thanks for the notes. I think that a WW pull that is great for lower-fishing clears is not at all a bad outcome. If you’re right that at the top end of fishing, the pull is only worth 1-2 tiers, then that is basically a wash with the damage and armor bonus of Istvans. And that would be a good outcome, since it would produce two competitive options, very close in power.

The pull power may be OP for groups as it rends Rage Flip useless.

Bastions Revered:Frenzy can stacks 15 times rather than 10 times.(This change can make Frenzy move faster and attack more effectively. At present,H90 is too weak and has no attraction at all. H90 is exciting, but what a pity,it really needs buff.)

I don’t necessarily see that an OP and Rage Fip becoming useless is not a problem to me.

I don’t understand why many keep pushing for this. There is WW skill for Crucible, it’s called Hurricane.

Remind me why dropping the chain all together and letting AD do the work is a bad idea.

It’s a hard CC with no mitigation. They thought this was OP back in the days, that’s why they implemented monsters’ CC resistances.
I also didn’t think perma-root WD was OP, but here we are.

Hurricane is inferior to the Crucible power. The former quickly caps monster CC resistance and takes up a rune slot for the skill, and the latter is easily the best pull in the game (no CC cap, no rune required).

I’m not necessarily arguing for or against making the Crucible power permanent, but it is miles beyond the Hurricane rune in terms of usefulness.

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Or you could turn cold ww into the super power pull


OP is suggesting Crucible power added to Bul-Kathos swords, but I’m saying that Crucible should simply be inserted into Hurricane rune. The end result would be::

I hope the crucible will be permanent, but it should have CC cap, otherwise it will be too powerful.
In addition,I hope the meaning of IK set is not only the best choice for barb players to use the HoTA at the beginning of a Season, but also that it will become a set with specific Build in Patch 2.7.5, just like the new Akkhan set.

I think next season it’s seismic slam’s turn to get a big buff.

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No. If it has a CC cap, then it isn’t a buff, it’s a nerf. People don’t do it much, but it’s perfectly doable to push GRs with the BK blades, about 2 GRs weaker than IB. If you glue a crappy pull onto those weapons, they probably drop another 5-7 tiers of power.

If you want a pull with speeds, just run the Hurricane rune, it’s fine, because you kill everything quickly. But if you want a pull for pushing, it has to either be controllable (like Spear + Stomp) or not trigger CC resist (like the Crucible power). An uncontrollable, CC resist building pull would be extremely bad for pushing.


CC would definitely be a deal breaker. Top pushers would likely not even use it depending on how and where it was implemented. IMO this power diminishes a large portion of the skill required for top pushes and it also greatly reduces the fishing required for a great clear. I will main the build no matter what but you need to ask yourself if the above changes are what you actually want. And as mentioned before the way they implement it can drastically change how other builds play.

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But they could level up the damage and speed of Bul Khatos.

2p: Increases Fury Generation by 15 (Barbarian Only)
During Whirlwind you gain 45% 60% increased attack speed, attack damage and movement speed.

Would it change anything? istvans would stay the best for pushing? Would it make a better GR speed build for Rend?