Bans going out on eu servers

looking at barb leaderboard and 4 player for this season, seeing a few ppl missing on clears

its a start so keep it up bliz


In 4 players clear, if someone clear higher from a different group, their char will disappear from the lower clear, hence sometimes you see 1-3 players only in a 4 person clear.

aye but that char will appear in higher clear, which they dont [https ://](https ://

Then they maybe banned as you said

I’ve seen 2 different players stating that their main account got banned on community chat today, didnt believe them or thought they were kidding, this would make sense now. But why no announcement from Blizzard? Are banwaves usually pushed with no announcements?

Yes. Banwaves happen without announcements.

This has been Blizzard’s policy for awhile.

IMHO - the best thing to do is sit and watch.

:popcorn: eating popcorn :popcorn:


Right lets just announce to the cheaters a ban wave is coming…

Makes sense now right?

I’m sorry that it wasnt clear for you but obviously i mean something like
“There was a ban wave today.”, not “Theres going to be a banwave upcoming wednesday.”

An announcement wouldn’t change anything. It’s not like illegal players could go hide their accounts or anything.
Announcement or confirmation of bans could also stir up discussions about why only some players got banned and why other players might go free.

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Especially considering that it’s supposed to be an on-going task anyway.

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I don’t see any actions in non season.