Balance changes is very important!

making gameplay changes / improvements is not a new game.

y’all love to exaggerate out the behind. No one is advocating deleting the breakpoint system or something drastic. We are just suggesting adding content like new items, runewords, buffing underpowered skills, etc.

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iam vechain i demand melee splash…refund already :man_facepalming:

Yep, melee splash would be a definitely much needed breath of relief for melee’s which are easily outclassed. Also add corruption, merc rebalance, end game maps, thanks.

You missed also one more important balance change:

  • Add Lo+Sur+Ber+Jah to each new created character inventory.
    Pretty safe for gameplay: if you don’t like it - just don’t use it.
    This balance change also defeats bots and pickit users. Everybody happy.

The worst system possible in a game that is already rng heavy.


Improvements don’t ruins or invalidate the original experience

If you buff let’s say spirit wolf, it doesn’t make the game play differently, itemization is the same, quests are the same, monsters are the same

Sure. Also how about removing gold and instead of it add 50 crap currency items to ruin loot system and force people to buy stash tabs for real money. Maybe even rename Diablo 2 to Path of Diablo. Oh wait mod like that already exists so go play it.

One of the major problems with balance changes is that nobody trusts what Acti-Blizzard would do to the game. If it were the old Blizzard North making the changes, I’m sure we’d be much more inclined.

It’s not rocket science though, how hard is it to see that certain things are dramatically underperforming?

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If it’s not rocket science, why can’t Blizzard balance their own game? (TRILLIONS of DMG in D3)
and you want THEM to put their paws on D2 Res?


This isn’t the D3 team though, I have no idea what those guys were smoking when they took the power creep that high. Can we just buff some worthless high tier skills like Hydra, Tstorm, phoenix strike, etc so they’re actually decent?

no we can’t simple as that

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There’s very little core changes I would support, but I would be interested in unused skills maybe seeing new synergies. Even if were just to add alternate builds to early and mid level.

This right here might be the most reasonable suggestion i have seen on the subject. Add abit more synergy to a skill instead of straight up buffing it or changing it.

I’d probably be considered a “purist” as I would’ve bought this game for just the graphics overhaul alone. I’d rather see the game released as close to the original 1:1 as they can before any big or even slightly meaningful change.

I wouldn’t mind change though, on some things. To me some less used/unused skills could be buffed, but not so they would be the next best thing, maybe just compete a little better.

Also, some end-game uniques are just abysmal. Steelshade for instance (unique armet), the wiki even says it is not useful to almost any character. There’s more examples but this one stands out to me. Again I wouldn’t want it to become the next Shako, but give it some kind of appeal. I’d prefer things like that before adding even more items.

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Yeah I forgot all about the endgame uniques. Another great example is the Grandfather. Why not let it roll ethereal so it could actually be good?

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I think to add so many changes that can’t be opted out of, they would need to make a separate Bnet server for a classic rule set which would have an effect on population.

Some of the changes, like a recipe book, tool tips and buff timers can be ignored or toggled off, the other changes are definitely not toggleable.

You should change your name to Uninspired

That’s what PD2 did. They replaced a lot of “indestructible” modifiers in unique items and replaced with “repairs 1 dura in 4 sec” to give them a chance to spawn Eth versions. End result was Runewords STILL were dominant but people actually started using endgame uniques now.

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stop crying like a little girl and go back to PD2 then if that is what u like…