Balance changes is very important!

“I Like D2, I just want everything about it changed” - Some people


Now switch “changed” to “improve” and “everything” to “some things”

None of this, thanks


I hope they can soften the one point wonders… like +50% damage from one skill point, come on now

but after all this most important thing is that u move ur self back to D3 lala land where most of changes fan boys are.


I’m just gonna put this here…


well they still don’t get it…it’s not blue enough :laughing:

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I will be playing D2, in D2R. That;'s the whole point. You say play D2, D2R is D2. Stop being a troll, stick to d3 if you want to go to diablo gymboree

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OP has no idea of what a remaster is

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How about no?

Go to another game if you don’t like Diablo 2 ??


do you feel the same for starcraft?

insert sarcasm

Balance changes needed

Replace Andariel with Kerrigan
Replace Duriel with Thrall
Replace Mephisto with Jim Raynor
Replace Diablo with Arthas
Replace Baal with Gul’dan

end sarcasm

I mean it’s still Diablo right?! :joy::joy::joy:

No, it’s your issue. You can go play D3/Poe


Of course, just with some minor QoL changes.

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making gameplay changes / improvements is not a new game.

y’all love to exaggerate out the behind. No one is advocating deleting the breakpoint system or something drastic. We are just suggesting adding content like new items, runewords, buffing underpowered skills, etc.

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iam vechain i demand melee splash…refund already :man_facepalming:

Yep, melee splash would be a definitely much needed breath of relief for melee’s which are easily outclassed. Also add corruption, merc rebalance, end game maps, thanks.

You missed also one more important balance change:

  • Add Lo+Sur+Ber+Jah to each new created character inventory.
    Pretty safe for gameplay: if you don’t like it - just don’t use it.
    This balance change also defeats bots and pickit users. Everybody happy.

The worst system possible in a game that is already rng heavy.


Improvements don’t ruins or invalidate the original experience

If you buff let’s say spirit wolf, it doesn’t make the game play differently, itemization is the same, quests are the same, monsters are the same