Azurewrath Affix Importance?

Does the legendary affix percentage (extra dmg to undead and demons) even matter on this item? I assume that it is negligible, so as long as the primary and secondary stats are good, then I can ignore this number. I assume not much is buffing this number. Is this correct?

Also, I assume since I am dual wielding and wearing Crimsons, then CDR on weapons is probably a better stat (in terms of a dmg boost) than +10% dmg? Since weapon dmg is alternating between the two weapons, +10% on both equates to a flat +10% overall (not additive), while the dmg boost from Crimsons due to CDR can be higher (with diminishing returns, of course, but still with 10 CDR on both can be >10% dmg boost). Is this also correct?


Correct on both accounts. The legendary affix is not very useful and CDR on both weapons is more valuable than 10% damage on both weapons.

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