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We welcome all to use the Aussie Gamer community Disord.
Diablo II Resurrected {September 23, 2021}
New World {released on September 28, 2021.}
Baldur’s Gate {released unknown at this time}
Diablo IV {released unknown at this time}
Bring your friends, Make new friends Play with new and old friends.

Damn, I love salt on my food…

Sounds like an awesome idea you can sign me up or add me as friend as I currently play D3 Mystic#14851

PS: On most of the day or night across the ditch

Smokie I’m Same The Monk Is My Favorite Character. I Play Alone & Diablo 4 Has Been Coming Out for Long. Aussie Diablo Community. How Do I Sign up & Swearing Is Foolish & I Ant No Fool just Joker Get Back to Me Please

We all joining discord atm chilling with D3 and then D2res. D2 has no clan in the game (like D3) so this is were discord is good to have. D4 Will have a clan in the game and hopefully we will be big and strong :smiley:
Remember Discord is not just for Diablo players, We are open to any one like to join to find new friends to play with or talk.

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G’day! I just started playing again recently and I’m looking for new people to play with. Feel free to add me if you ever want to play!! BIGLEZ#11445

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Might be the last season for Diablo 3. Join us on discord,
We all going to be playing Daiblo 2 and Diablo 4 when the time comes.