Aussie Diablo Clan

We’re currently expanding our popular Aussie Diablo clan
There are no requirements to join, other than being a fun person to hang out with, Members will not be judged by their experience or knowledge of the game. Actually quite the opposite, while none of us are experts in the game we’d welcome the opportunity to help others learn and progress through the game,
What matters is your love to play the game coupled with a desire to learn and help others along the way.Our goal as a clan is to find new friends to play with who enjoy the game as much as we do. So we can keep going for D2 Resurrected.
Be respectful of your fellow server members. No personal attacks. Keep the drama to a minimum.

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I’ll be looking for a group of chilled Aussies to team up with for Diablo IV. I’m no expert, but spent hours in D3 on PC getting my Necromancer, Demon Hunter and Wizard to over 300 Paragon each.
I thought the latest gen of consoles were going to deliver graphically this time, but both have flopped and were bad investments in my opinion. Recently just upgraded my PC to an Ultra-wide OLED monitor with an RTX4090 tower, so very psyched for Diablo IV.