Aura on Left Mouse-Button Skill ( PC )

Please add an option to have the Paladin auras placed in the Left Mouse-Button skill/main attack slot instead. Of course this would not let you have more auras active, just so you can use your preferred skills with Right Mouse-Button Skill.

Would be a happy little change, thanks.

Edit: Just to clarify how this would work in practice is that left click is basicly a move-only command while an aura is also placed in the same slot, -NOT just swapped between the mouse clicks so right click would then turn into movement command, that would just be silly.


Completly agree with this. The main drawback of the paladin compared to a fury druid and a frenzy barb is that you have to click every monster or move/shift/kill wich is really annoying.

And yes, ofcourse make it so that people cannot “Dual auras”


Yes, it would be a huge QoL improvement! Fighting with your combat skills on your right mouse button provides a much better play experience than when you’re forced to slot it in the LMB.

This is a great idea and is just a QoL improvement which is fully in keeping with the original game. It would get my vote!