August 23rd PTR update? Is this a joke to you?

August 23 PTR Update

Gameplay Updates

Class Balance

  • Cluckeye now only drops for Witch Doctors.
    • As a result, Cluckeye no longer spawns with the Max Discipline secondary attribute.
  • Cluckeye has been updated in Djank Mi’em’s Follower Items bag.

Orek’s Dream

  • Toxic Lurker (Monster Set 8) and Dark Berserker (Monster Set 1) have been removed. Summoner Charger (Monster Set X), and Lacuni Slasher (Monster Set X) have been added in their place.

Bug Fixes

Diabolical Fissures

  • Diabolical Fissures now denote on screen and in the chat box once spawned.
  • Diabolical Fissures can no longer spawn in Greed’s Realm.
  • The placeholder text for the Chest at the end of a Diabolical Fissure has been replaced with a message.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players opened achievements.

These are the updates we get? Minor fixes? Who’s working on Diablo 3…? College interns?


Personally, I think you are giving them too much credit right now and giving college interns a bad name.

Correction to their bug fixes note - they did at least get the + symbol to stop taunting us with false hope after 800.

However, still laggy in rifts and crashing out.

No Visions changes, none of the Crusader Feedback heard.

These mid PTR changes are pretty sad


A large number of players are looking forward to the Vigilante Belt and The Akkhan’s Leniency’s buff:
Vigilante Belt:while using Steed Charge and for 5 seconds after it ends,Fist of the Heavens deals increased damage equal to your movement speed, while riding your war horse,Fist of the Heaven is automatically called down on a random nearby enemy at an interval based on your attack speed if it is on your action bar.
My Note:The current changes to the Fist of the Heaven have disappointed players, as after dismounting, the bonus are disappear immediately. What I hope is that for 5 seconds after dismounting, the damage increase of FoTH still exists, but the automatic FoTH still disappears immediately after getting off the horse.
After all, we can no longer equip the captain Crimson’s set. The current changes have made the high-level GR FoTH even weaker than before.
The Akkhan’s Leniency:Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases the damage of your Blessed Shield by 100% for 10 seconds.Stacks up to 100 times (No more individual stacks).
My Note:Let’s monitor the Non-Season Ladder. The performance of the LOD Bless Shield is very poor, which reminds us that it needs at least buff 5 tiers. In addition, I propose to extend the duration of the bonus from 6 seconds to 10 seconds to ensure that when the boss spawn, we have sufficient time to run to the boss’s side.

I hope for the full effect to stay active for 5s afterwards.
If it doesn’t it changes nothing at the damage output, which means it wouldn’t make a difference if you attack a Rift guardian manually and stop for it, or if you keep circling it on your horse. (It would probably still be more effective to remain on the horse since it buffs your movement speed)

I’d like the autocasts to stay active and myself to be able to focus a target in addition, in order to make it more engaging

yeah feels like a big joke so much good feedback in here but i think they Ignore everything. See you all to Season 30 at least we get the Altar Back

Same procedure as everytime, then. Nothing new in terms of how feedback is taken into consideration. Though, I do have to say that when I look at this, I feel there was no need for a second week on the PTR at all.

Not that I’m complaining, I need a little more time to level gems in S28 on my HC char :slight_smile:

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Actually there was need for a 2nd week and need for further adjustments after one week…

I do not disagree on that, like seriously, but where are those adjustments that would justify a second week? Unless we get a third week or they already have enough data and just keep us in the dark.

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The GR progress percentage is visible at all times. How long has that been there?

Yeeeeeep… in typical blizzard fashion, they’re not listening to the community because they have a superiority complex. Honestly, they should lose their AAA rating.

I’d be ok with 3 seconds after steed charge ends, 5 seconds is ridiculously long.

You should see my post on my recommended change for it. (double your current attack speed)

I think the damage is ok, I’m currently hitting like 15-30T with the build, and the only primal I have is the weapon and witching hour. All the pieces are decently rolled, but my legendary gems are all below 100.

For what purpose? To test what? Nothing was changed that needs to be tested.

You don’t even play with the Cru, you don’t even know that Norvald’s bonus lasts for 5 seconds.

A large number of players think that the strength of the LoD Blessed Shield is totally not enough. If you monitor the Non-Season Ladder.The problem is, you don’t even bother to look at it.

I almost exclusively play Crusader and Barbarian lmao… I have since seasons started with season 1, and 30% of my total time played is on Crusader. I stopped playing crusader over the last like 8-10 seasons because blizzard loves to ignore them and other classes shine brighter. Like Demon Hunter or Barbarian, which have a role in 4man play as well as solo play, and I like being able to run 4 mans.

I know exactly how long Norvald’s set bonus lasts :kissing_heart: Just because Norvald’s set is 5 seconds, doesn’t mean the belt has to align with it. That also doesn’t mean that I don’t play crusader. :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: :clown_face:

A large number of players think it should be 10,000% too, which would make the build completely broken, most of you have no clue how to do basic math. Also, ladder = seasonal, just say non-seasonal… I don’t have to look at non-seasonal and compare it to seasonal. Non-seasonal doesn’t matter to a vast majority of the player base and the changes to blessed shield can’t be tested by them.

I’m currently playing the build on PTR.

I just cleared a GR120 in like 5 minutes and only had shield/speed pylon, on 2 bad tile-sets, with:
rank 100 augments
My gems being Gogok/trapped/LOD
LOD is rank 99
Trapped is rank 50
Gogok is rank 50

I haven’t even attempted to push. I could probably get upwards of 140 with it, if I wanted to take the time to level augments, farm primals, and level gems.

GR150 solo clears aren’t meant to happen at the beginning week of seasons. They’re meant to happen weeks after the season starts.

That being said, the build could use maybe a 50% buff to the damage on shield throw, not the 250% buff multiple people are suggesting across the forum.

Obviously to test the changes that should have happened 1 week in. As I wrote in the quoted post.

In S29 they’re certainly meant to happen in the 1st week. By even less builds than usual though

While it doesn’t mean that you don’t play crusader the cooldowns should certainly align for smooth gameplay

There would’ve been a need for it, if the D3 devs were competent. At this point, I’d be fine with PTR closing right now.

No they’re not… they’ve never been intended to be reached within 1 week, and seldom do get reached in the first week. There are a handful of people who clear a 150 in week 1, generally by botting. Just a few years ago, 150 was literally unachievable…

I mean… I’m never off my horse for longer than like 2 seconds… lol

Look at how many seasons and years we already clear 150 with low paragons. If it wasn’t intended they would have nerfed the builds that can do this. This can’t be an

oversight for years.
Tragouls and Tal Rashas will be able to do it this season again and that in the first week, since there is no grind content left for a 2nd.

And since you don’t do it you want everyone to be unable to do it, got it

It’s not an oversight. it’s the snowball effect of blizzard’s laziness and ignorance of not monitoring the power creep. They had to re-vamp the entire number system a few years back because they “didn’t expect to be seeing these numbers”… Solo GR150 clears weren’t intended to be done within 1 week. If they were, solo GR150’s would’ve been achieved way sooner. The first season a solo GR150 was cleared was season 19, which began at the END of 2020 (November 22nd) and it took people nearly 3-4 weeks to get to a solo GR150 minimum.

Hell, in season 10, people were BARELY breaking GR100 solo clears. I believe the highest was GR108.

So no, it wasn’t intended for a solo GR150 to be cleared during week 1 of the season. If that were the case? Seasons wouldn’t last ~24 weeks.

Then they should be nerfed. GR150’s are intended to be the “end game content.”

Don’t do what exactly? Nerf myself by staying off my steed charger? There’s ZERO reason you should be off your steed charger for longer than 3 seconds in any scenario. The entire build is built around staying ON your steed charger as much as possible.

With the appropriate cooldown reduction of ~50%, Norvald’s set, and the Lord Commander passive, your Steed Charger lasts 4 seconds (5 seconds the Endurance rune if you take it) with a ~6 second cooldown. That means you would be off your Steed Charger for a MAXIMUM of 2 seconds, if you kill NO ENEMIES DURING STEED CHARGER, because Norvald’s set reduces the cooldown on Steed Charger by 1 second per enemy killed.

same here, I will complete the Season Journey and wait for season 30 with the altar, unfortunately we must wait 6 months or more

I hope they keep the seasons short (3 months) now when they do not have to develop new seasonal themes anymore. Also hope they add end date with start date, like they do in D4. (WoW I found a good thing about D4)