Augmenting Ancient weapon resulted in wrong stat

I augmented an ancient Funerary Pick (Scythe) using red gems, but instead of adding extra damage, it added strength. Not particularly useful for a Necro haha.

It’s not a bug, but an user error.

Weapons or any other items are increased depending on the gems you put in the cube and the statistic, let’s say primary, that they bring, so if you put rubies, then the result will be strength.

  • Ruby : Strength
  • Topaz : Intelligence
  • Emerald: Dexterity
  • Amethyst : Vitality

* Diamond doesn’t work for this recipe


From the Diablo III Game Guide: Kanai’s Cube, Caldesann’s Despair

Enchants an Ancient or Primal Ancient Legendary or Set item with additional attribute points.

When augmenting with the Kanai’s Cube Recipe, Caldesann’s Despair, it adds Mainstat (Attribute). If you mouse-over a Gem, the tool-tip will say: Other:.

For your Necromancer you should Augment your gear using Topaz.

For a socketed Weapon you want to insert a Flawless Royal Emerald. (Except for Season 30).


Probably not necessary to say but you can augment the item again to get the right stats on it.


Any good information is worth taking


Thank you for the info. I appreciate it :slight_smile: