Ask about GOD DH gem

Which has more dps, using Taeguk or Zei ??

Zie’s technically does more slightly more damage because it’s multiplicative vs additive of Taeguk.

However, Taeguk comes with a handy defense bonus. More defense means you won’t die as often and you can’t kill things while dead. When paired with Fortress Ballista, it also means more uptime on your Squirt’s Amulet which massively improves your damage.

The armor from Taeguk not only improves your defense and with FB it also improves your shield in a double dipping kinda way.

So, I think all that said, Teaguk is the winner.

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Why not using both? I generally don’t use Trapped with GoD. Even though it’s multiplicative, its damage buff is smaller than the others and requires CCing enemies.

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When not is season, I use Stricken over Zie’s or Trapped. But this season, with the eth Buriza and it’s 35% chance to freeze and 100% crit chance against frozen enemies, Trapped is a clear winner. So it’s Simplicity’s, Trapped and Teaguk for your best shot especially if you come across and Buriza with either Dawn’s or Fortress’s legendary power.

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Yeah, this season Trapped does seem much more useful due to Buriza’s freezing aspect.

In non-season I just don’t see Trapped being worth it. Little comparison of level 100 gems:
Trapped: 45% increased damage (multiplicative)
Taeguk: 60% increased damage (additive)
Zei’s: 60% increased damage (multiplicative)
One thing to remember about Zei’s is that its description is a bit misleading. You get base buff already at zero distance, meaning max buff is already achieved at +40 yards and at +30 yards it outperforms Trapped.

When really pushing GRs Stricken might become necessary and replace whichever gem one uses as the third gem besides Simplicity’s and Taeguk.

Since the pierce cap nerf, since trash clearing became a lot harder, the boss is a lot easier by comparison. Thus the Stricken gem is not necessary anymore.

The best gem by far is Simplicity’s Strength. After that it’s situation and playstyle dependent between Bane of the Trapped, Taeguk, and Zei’s Stone of Vengeance.

If you play a more relaxed playstyle or like to play in melee range (with more toughness): use Trapped + Taeguk.

If you play more ranged and avoid damage to keep up the Squirt’s Necklace buff a lot: use Taeguk + Zei’s.

If you use a hybrid setup (Hungering + Entangling) or play in a group setting: use Trapped + Zei’s.