Asheara's Vestments: Ideas

Since they changed some of the crafted sets’ bonuses, I want to open this thread to post ideas for the Asheara’s Vestments’ set.

Current Bonus:

(2) Set:
+100 Resistance to All Elements
(3) Set:
+20% Life
(4) Set:
Attacks cause your followers to occasionally come to your aid.


(2) Set:
Attacks cause your followers to occasionally come to your aid.
(3) Set:
Scoundrel: Gain access to all skills.
Enchantress: Reduce the cooldown of all her skills by 50%.
Templar: Your follower cannot die.
(4) Set:
Increase the damage of Followers by x%.

The idea is not only to be able to have the 3 followers at once but also make them more useful.

The 2 pieces bonus could be exchanged 3 pieces or 4 pieces if needed, to don’t make it too powerful.

The 3 pieces bonus: the idea was to give an unique bonus to each Follower. This could be changed for something else, like boost a specific skill or something. Could be like: the enchantress slow down enemies, the scoundrel increase the damage enemies take (or poison them) and the templar reduce damage deal by mobs he hit.

The 4 pieces bonus: is a simple boost to their damage to make the set be more insteresting to use. This could be the 2 pieces bonus, to make play solo a little easier.

I would like to see other people’s ideas about how to improve this set.

Asheara’s Vestments

Set Bonuses:

  • Each time your follower deals damage your damage taken is reduced by max 25% and your followers benefit from your equipped legendary gems (2 pieces)
  • Your follower benefits and gains 100% more from your paragon points. Followers also gain access to all skills and their cooldown reduced by 50%. (3 pieces)
  • Gain all followers at once and increase their max damage by 5000%. Each time a follower kills an enemy you deal 7500% increased damage for 5 seconds. You can have one follower to fight by your side when in a party and the damage boost is lowered to 500% for your follower and 750% for you. (4 pieces)

I on the other hand prefer to have all followers at once when playing solo and only one in party…

Why make it so completed? Make this bonus follower cannot die, and allow the player to use a different token of their choice.

Why occasionally? Make them permanently by your side. That way, you will benefit from their equipped items (eg. emanates, unity, etc.). Currently, you don’t benefit from any of these from a summoned follower (as opposed to a normal permanent one).

Not one to revive old things but better to do this than create an entirely new thread as I see it. Anyway, an idea I had for this particular Set from several years ago was as follows:

  1. Follower Skill Cooldowns decreased by 50%.
  2. Each time a Follower saves you from death, heal to 100% and your Follower is enraged to deal 20000% Damage for 15 seconds.
  3. All 3 Followers are now permanently by your side. Each Follower increases your damage by 500%.

Firstly the 2-Piece cuts Cooldowns by 50%. This affects all skills except for the Cheat Death ones. This will give your Followers greater utility by being able to cast their skills far more frequently. 3-Piece amplifies the Follower Cheat Death skill by healing you to 100%. Furthermore, their damage output is amplified, although probably not enough to make a dent on opposing enemies on higher Difficulties. The 4-Piece Bonus might be the most broken of all in that you now have all 3 Followers at once. This effect goes away in a Multiplayer game but in a solo game, it effectively amplifies your Toughness by a factor of 4 since you’ll have two extra sources for Unity along with up to 3 Cheat Death chances. For a Hardcore character, that’s insanely tempting to get. Also, to justify equipping the Set, you get a massive power spike of 1500%.

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