Armor Potion bug

Issue: Every single Bottomless Potion of the Tower that has dropped this season 29 has rolled with 11% Armor.
Expectation: The Armor % should be random not fixed at 11%.

Bad luck is still not a bug :wink:


On EU SC not SSF different rolls are presents. Need more info from OP.

The last three to drop for me were a 20 and two 18s.

Getting all of them at 11% is not bad luck, it’s incredible luck. In fact, it’s unbelievable luck! Thus the reported bug. But thanks for your helpful comment.

I’m seeing this on NA SC SSF. If others aren’t seeing this, maybe it’s unique to my account for some reason? I don’t know. I just report what I see.

One in my stash is 17%.
I salvaged a 13% or close to that.

Sounds like it’s just me. Crazy stuff. I’d assume 11% is 1 / 10 chance since the range is 11-20. To get 6 in a row like that is something like 1 / 1000000 chance. /shrug

There was one night I was playing Dungeons And Dragons with a group of people.
I couldn’t roll anything higher than a 5 on a D20 the entire night.

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