Arise... and the Skeletons did. What is your Necro?

Figure as the opening post on this forum dedicated to those of us who play the Necro, likely, too much in past incarnations of D2… what is your favorite build/style?

Mine, as the title suggests, is the Skelemancer with a focus on curses as the secondary area and then either Golem or if I am wanting to dip more power Corpse Explosion.

What is your favorite?

Skelemancer was the first build I actually got through the whole game with. It was always so tedious to click on every monster and I would get frustrated in Act 3.

Then I discovered the Skeletal Army and looooved to watch them kill everything for me.


Skeles + CE for sure.


I loved full summoner build even though it wasn’t as effective as some of the other options. I just enjoyed having my army and only having to manage it from the back and keeping the numbers up.

Poison Nova build was also a blast.

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actualy with a full summoner build you could solo tristam uber, was taking me like under 45 second. the only place summoner wasnt as effective was in maggot lair lol.


Yeah… this is what I remember as well but… with all the mods I have been playing I could be wrong. Starting up Necro tonight though in normal D2 1.14 to do a practice run for D2:R =)

Summoner for my first necy

Then a PN necy
Then a Bonemancer

Then once I have all the gear ready a PDagger Necy. All melee, no act 2 merc, no PNova or CE.

Summoner in LOD with Corpse Explo!!! in classic mode i prefer bone nec, because skellies dont take much damage from bosses

I like to focus Bonespear, perhaps some points towards the iron golem for fun, pump statpoints into strength so i can wear heavy armors early. Usually pretty rough to play, but i like it nontheless.

Summoner every time :slight_smile:

  • melee skellis
  • tony the claygolem
  • merc
  • revives

and then beat the hell out of duriel :slight_smile: again and again *G

My build,
Max block,
Max Skel wars
Max SKel Mast
Max CE
1 point in resist.
Rest in Max CE.
1 point in bone armor.
rest in wall/prison for low cost bone armor.
Merc = act2 might merc - Pride, Fort on merc.
Godly = Beast axe.

Pretty much lets your skeles do impossible amounts of damage rather quickly, then once 1 target wasted, max CE will pretty much clean most of the screen in 1 cast. Having a tanky Necro is great for when you just feel like AFK for few minutes to grab a sammich in the middle of Chaos sanct. I’ve done that while hearing “DING DING DING” laughs in max block while murderous horde of undead kills everything for me.

Sooo, I normally play barbarians first. I dunno… it’s just sorta tradition from the first time I picked up d2 and through every ladder reset. This time, however, I’m going to main a skelemancer. I’ve never played one before. In fact, I think I’ve only ever had a necro as a mule. I’m looking forward to trying something new while playing something old that’s been made to look like something new… again. Any and all tips or suggestions are welcome.


more the better

skellie mages are useless. Skip them. Just skellies and skellie mastery.

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Had fun as a summon necro in the early days of HC when loot was hard to come by. Or maybe I was just too new with the online environment at that time so I could use the word noob to describe myself back then. Summon necro was fun progressing through the game on HC.

Will probably not gonna play a Necro again. If I do, it will be a PSN Nova Necro.