Arachyr 4 piece

This seem alot worse now, I do not want to have to stand still in a web to get the damage reduction effect, this seems like if anything will make the set alot worse, at least for me.

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Your char should poop a web under their feet or the spider queen should leave a trail of web to be more effective.

UPDATE: Revised changes seem OK from initial testing as far as Witch Doctor is concerned.

Nothing glaring stands out now immediately. I admittingly am not in the best health right now and have not tested anywhere near as thoroughly as I normally do. Anyway. Good job Blizz!

Uriaclo, I wish you good health, hope you’re feeling better soon.

I still don’t like the way the 4-piece DR bonus works. They are going ahead with this despite what seems to be overwhelming negative feedback. And so much for Arachyr being a creature based set, it’s all spiders all the time now.

However, more damage is always welcome. I’m able to clear 7 more rifts due to these recent modifications, and I hope for more. This puts Arachyr on par, or nearly on par, with Jade. We’ll see what more testing can discover, more comments to come in the PTR thread.

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Thank you ForeverFree - You’re wonderful for your kindness and for you assessment :slight_smile: My feeling is that Mundunugu is again going to be the build of choice yet again. Arachyr will be completely under-used in S25 (if not further buffed/fixed.)

I don’t like how out of all the classes in all of Diablo lore Witch Doctor is going to go down in history as the failure class. Because really, Witch Doctor is a rare spin you see in any video game genre. Sure you get “Shaman” classes but not specifically a witch doctor. Which I thought was cool and a positive nod to the entire creole/African culture in it’s inception. I hope blizz does something and helps further push WD as a whole in the right direction.

Just tested this live its total garbage i am legit weaker now. The loss of the HP regen is bad and makes it so you have to cube coils over mantel of channeling or die I play hardcore the mitgation mechanic i clucnky and i cant control it. For the first time ever i will not be maining archyrs firebats WD this season because this change is so terrible i hate everything about it. Not sure if i even want to play this season anymore i hate the change so much but if i do i surely wont be playing a witch doctor.

It was pretty obvious that we can’t play firebats whit Arachyr anymore. I’m fine whit it, shure you and some others are upset, but it’s a Corpse Spider set now. You either make most out of that, or leave the set for good.

Yea i only liked firebats I will be playing a different class thanks for the input tho

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I feel you, the same dissapointment what I felt when they reworked Rathma, from a minion build to a nuke build.

Yea I’m gutted i saw all the other Wd changes and got really excited only to realize they nuked the only build I enjoyed in the process on the Brightside ill probably do better than i ever have I stubbornly clung to the firebats WD since this game came out time to try some flavor of the month big boy mode think im just gonna play the innas fire monk from the youtube videos i watched it does everything a WD would do in a group or solo but better anyway.

After playing around with the arachyr set sadly not a fan. It feels so clunky and slow. I was so hyped to play WD this season, but without them tuning down monk WD is just so far behind all the other classes it seems. I guess it’s monk again this season for me.

I do miss the Firebats build. However, this new Corpse Spider build isn’t bad.

Basically, this is head hunter build. You use Shukrani’s Triumph to navigate the battlefield, looking for elites; and then use Spider Queen’s Grasp and Brood of Araneae to cut the elites down.

I have no idea how to use the infestering thread thing, and I just about ignore it.

I would just note that, almost universally, users wanted visual feedback about enemies who were affected by the infestering thread, and that did not come in this patch. I hope they will address that in future patches.

Yea I hate elite hunting builds I tired to like this again and ended up just logging out and making a monk to practice for tomorrow. Tried to make firebats work with corpse spider it was clunky and slow and bad. The loss of the way the set had massive life regen was one of the major draws to the playstyle and now its just more like all the other builds but with terrible mechanics and flow no ammount of numbers buffs could make me want to play firebats in the clunky form and the spiders build just is not something im interested in i don’t play any elite killer builds i like to kill trash. I will say after testing monk im not so sad the monk i power leveled last night felt amazing by comparison should have swapped to monk sooner. I tried a couple monk builds and everyone felt more smooth and fun to play than anything ive ever done on my WD and i don’t even have decent gear yet.