Anyone else worried about Diablo 4

Hello I’m concerned for Diablo 4 in particular at launch.

They’re giving early access to people who pre-order/prepurchase the game which tells me that the game is likely unprepared for release.

Blizzard is essentially trying to get people to buy the game early which we know has been bad in the past (warcraft 3 reforged, shadowlands, anyone get suckered into the 6 month subcription when shadowlands was coming out?)

anyways, this to be makes me scared and I’m worried Diablo 4 will be mediocre at launch.

I’m sure it will become great like Diablo 2 and 3 did over time but recall diablo 3 at launch. It was okay but it wasn’t great. I’m worried D4 will suffer the same fate and I really don’t want to pay for a game that I won’t play for 3-4 years (until they finish making it)


Don’t worry. Be happy. (You know the song).


maybe you just need to get out more, dude?


I played the server slam beta, it was awesome. Game was fluid, fun, no bugs (at least that I found). I had a blast playing with my sorceress with my friends, even though the level cap was low (20). I can’t wait to play it, I am totally tired of D3 & GR grinding.


Early access isn’t really indicative of it being unfinished, especially since we’ve been able to play the game with open betas already. We know the game isn’t going to be a technical mess, though I’m sure there will be server issues on launch day. That’s just how things work.

For a Diablo game the biggest worry is probably if endgame is any good or not, as most of us haven’t seen that since the open beta and server slam were level capped.

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I’m not worried. Played all 3 Betas and the game was fine. Can’t wait until June 1st.


I played the closed end game beta with an NDA, the early access beta, the open beta and the server slam. I am ready for launch. I really want to get into the lore and finish the story before the 1st season.


Paid early access is free money to them. nothing more.


That makes no sense at all.


Now you have me whistling the song. Thanks :disappointed:


This will help you along.



It’ll be funny putting this on while reading the D4 forum rage on release day though

Finally, I spotted some wisdom on this forum! :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

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Ive heard it described as a cross between D3 and Diablo Immortal, mediocre would be a positive description if that is true

I m worried about the $10 per season battle pass.

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It’s more of a D2 + World of Warcraft + Witcher 3, really. Not much of D3. The game feels like a (much) improved version of D2. I can tell you, I had a TON of fun during server slam!

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It doesn’t really play anything like WoW or TW3. The only thing it really shares is an open world, but it shares that with a lot of games.

I’d say there’s more Diablo 3 than there is 2 as well. The main thing is they’re bringing back skill points, but otherwise dungeons are just an evolution of the D3 rift system and for the class I played in the open beta at least it was still Diablo 3’s cycle of “burn resource quickly, use free skill until it comes back”(only it came back even slower cause my basic spells didn’t regenerate mana).

Off course the game is “unfinished”. Why else would we be getting updates and paid stuff like expansions?

In that regard, the game is planned to be not finished for a long time to come…

The matter is not whether the game is finished, but whether the game is fun to play. It seems to be good enough and fun to play.

The beta seemed too.

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D2 had new innovative mechanics that inscribed it’s name into the pages of legends.
D2 was further cemented and kept alive by modders. Legends such a Laz, whist and Harvest made great excellent mods keeping the game alive for years to come. Not to mention the further improvement by PluGy.

D4 doesn’t seem to have new innovative mechanics. Nor does it have mods.

In fact I’d say it’s a lot closer to Diablo 3, than it is to Diablo 2.

D2 takes time to learn, the difficulty spikes, uniques, making your own builds. Not to mention some of the crazy viable builds like a ZealSorc.

D3, is a lot easier. D4 is somewhere in between both.

One thing to note, is D4, is not for me. I’m not the target audience, so I’m obviously biased as well. D3 with it’s massive amount of paragon levels, is very much for me. I love D3 more than I love D2. Because for me it improved upon so many aspects of the gameplay, while it did take away some of the customization. The endgame was in my personal opinion better than D2.

I haven’t seen D4’s endgame. I probably won’t be seeing it either. So I cannot say if it’s closer to D2 or D3.

Story wise, D2 has more depth to it’s characters, the “quests” are more, streamlined and the cinematics are more dark. D3 is more, epic and grandiose. D4 seems to be more focused on the macabre and wants you to writhe as it shows you the story as to what I’ve seen so far.

Then there’s the end all be all of all the games. Combat.

Combat in D2 is, at best sluggish. and at worst, a skill shifting nightmare.
D3 is much more fluid, but somehow feels, less rewarding.
D4 sits somewhere in between. However, there’s a clear difference between Diablo 2 and 3, when comparing it to Diablo 4. Level scaling. If there’s going to be level scaling, then what’s the point of levels?

Diablo 4 is a medium between the complexity of Diablo 2 and the more casual friendly Diablo 3 experience.


I was not talking about gameplay. Do you know the end-game Nightmare dungeons in D4? Well, I suggest you check the Mythic Dungeons and the keystone mechanic from WoW… The way quests intertwine and work in Witcher 3? Well, check the way quests are built in D4. Not everything is gameplay mechanics.

D3 is all about running stuff fast and do GRs. D4 has nothing of that, at least not today. Game pace is very different than D3, it is more like D2. I don’t think dungeons are “just” an evolution of GRs, because the way you can interact (again, the keys/keystones from WoW) and the way you can target specific ones that you want/need.

Paragon system, in D4, is nothing compared to what there is in D3.

But, apart from all that, I think D4 will be a fun game to play. Will people play it, non-stop, for 2, 3 years? I doubt it, it will get boring/repetitive at some point, as every single ARPG does. But for 1 year or so? Yeah, it will be a lot of fun.