Any guesstimate on season 24 start date?

Now that the PTR is closed, any guess when season 24 will start? Normally there a two week gap so I’m absolutely sure it’s Friday, July 16th. Unless I’m wrong.

Any other guesstimates?

if they release preview on friday 2nd and close season on the 4th the season start will be the 9th but its too optimistic for blizz.
16th is the optimal choice, but in case there are complications the date can be delayed to 23d.

I am also hoping for 16 July, but it could also be 23 July given that we haven’t got the official season 23 end announcement yet…

Friday, Sep24. One day after the D2R release.


And so it begins. :dizzy:

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First of all we need to know when S23 is going to end first. That alone would give a small estimate of when S24 could start. If we get the standard 2 week warning soon, that’d mean S23 ends on 18th at earliest. Then patch 2.7.1 is released on 20th and S24 starts maybe on 23rd.


Season 23 is planned to end on the 18th of this month.


And there it is. Expect S24 to start on 23rd at earliest but I wouldn’t be surprised if it started on the 30th.

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23rd most likely, as expected :slight_smile:


If season 23 ends on the 18th, I think the most logical date for season 24 is the 30th.

So, for those who played the ptr, is the new season worth returning to?

The last 4 seasons had me quitting D3 to play the critically acclaimed mmorpg by square enix that has a free trial to lvl 60 including the entire first expansion, but I’m always waiting for that one season theme that makes me want to play D3 again. I think ethereals could be it

Yes, just stay away from monk. Its terrible.

It certainly cannot be worse than season 23.

Questionable drop rates in regards to high RNG. A small handful of builds dont/cant use them.

Super impactful. Great at endgame obviously, but they feel really awesome during leveling/early torment. Good for propping up weaker builds, fun to mix and match weapon affixes, and always nice to have another passive even if just for utility.

If they get the drop rates right I think it could go down as one of the best season themes ever. Not quite as much versatility as some of the cube themes but those tend to be much more impactful for certain classes whereas here it’s noticeable power for all but a few select builds.

Not if they follow last season’s gap between season end and season start, which was 5 days :wink: My bet remains on the 23rd.

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As expected, this is a horrible timing for anyone who plays Path of Exile, which is a big part of the community. What a shame!

Do you expect Blizzard to adjust everything to placate PoE players, get real. I can see it now, D4 will launch on 00/00/0000. PoE fanboys will be like, NO not on that day PoE has a new league starting on that day. :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


They did this simultanious launch with s20 it went horrible the majority played poe so yeah they defenetly should adjust it because the minority will play d3 over poe. And that suddenly makes it worse for everyone else. So you would expect them to learn from their mistakes.

Use your brain instead of malding. It’s in Blizzards best interest to plan their dates to not collide with PoE launches. You might not play the game yourself, but you can’t deny that there is a huge overlap between the two. Or maybe you’re also in denial about that, who knows.


d3 season start overlaped with Poe and even Wow several times already. blizz obviously dont care.