Any Crusaders out there?


Nothing much to say about them?. Very quiet over here.


Nope, ever since vyr was buffed and condem was no longer #1 people stopped playing it.


im crusader fan, i play him the 73% of the time (according to my profile) :sweat_smile:


I’ll prefer Condemn play-style over Vyr Archon any time … especially the Fear Condemn variant for speeds.


Sorry but to be honest i hate both, condem is clunky and Vyr i hate requiring a 120 second cooldown ability for all your damage.

Most of what i play is WOL & WW. When Vyr was changed to be #1 again most of the high end players immediately swapped to it over condem.


Condemn is the Sader equivalent to WoL Monk … Just blow everything up. Super fast for speeds … Have used the Fear variation for the NR in less than 3 mins Conquest so it is more lazy fast than cluncky.


Recent convert to the Invoker set. GR115 down. Maining DH previously. It’s refreshing to swap occasionally.


I started with thorns build this season but it’s too punishing on my left mouse button.