Any builds that use Rabid Strike?

Just dropped a primal rabid strike and, not wanting it to go to waste, I’m curious if any builds use it now?

I remember it was used with the old Innas quite a bit.


NVM… saw LoD WoL on Maxroll uses it. I actually have almost everything in seasons with just a leveled up LoD gem and the spirit stone ready to go!

Hell, I even have most of what’s needed for LoD TR too!

lod wol
lod lighting tailkick
swk tailkick
swk wol

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Well, I made LoD LTK and WoL builds… and I don’t really enjoy them… movement is too slow compared to Innas (too use to dashing at will thanks to ingeom). Also running out of resource too much. Tried messing around with different skills to boost resource regen but it just doesn’t satisfy.

I think I might just wait till I’m back in NS where I’ll make my old Lightning WotHF and LTK build I use to play in early RoS. Think I’ll keep the extra Monk in my line up and ditch my NS SC Wizard… not really enjoying how Wizard plays atm.

Yeahhh, I got a primal leorics crown for the Hbomb build on crusader, and i wasted sooo much time trying to force enjoyment just to make use of a primal.
Too many builds seem to either not work or just suuuuuck to play

Yeah, some of these builds… when run optimally, are just horrible to play.

It’s why I’ve decided to give up on the optimised LoD WoL/LTK builds but I wanna recreate my early RoS LTK build… it played in a way that alternates between generator and spender (as the devs originally designed) and felt like the monk was actually doing kung fu… something none of the Monk sets have successfully created IMHO.

I just need my ancient Aquila and Invigorating Gemstone in NS to make it work. Can’t be buggered sorting it out in Seasons.

EDIT: Thinking about it further, I know why I use to like the sunwuko WoL build… the use of Sweeping Wind helps with spirit regen.

I might make a ranged WoL build that doesn’t need Cyclone Strike. It would be glass cannon but I can squeeze in Sweeping Wind this way. It’s a pity the ‘Sweeping Wind gains all runes’ power is on a set… would have worked great here.

if u have problem with resource, there is a few way to cover it like :

  • make sure using air ally + crudest boot
  • if not using lod/lon build use capt set and yellow stone on helm
  • if using lon/lod build try using the fire rune build + cindercoat (30% resource reduction )
  • use warrior follower since it have resource regen passive
  • try to get a good roll on weapon ( cdr + resource reduction )
    i prefer using capt set combo since it can get me perma epipany without using zodiac ring and the resource reduction give me another 50 % damage reduction but i lose about -/+40 % dmg multiplier which we got from lesser god bracer
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It was definitely the lack of Sweeping Wind with the spirit regen rune. I ran that with Epiphany, double air allies, and cindercoat and spirit was a lot more manageable for WoL. I just don’t like playing it not ranged and having to cyclone strike to gain toughness.

err if u a using cindercoat meaning u a running lod build right ? and u know tat lod dont need sweeping wind skill to be used right ? :wink: unless u a running swk build the sweeping wind is a must , just ignore me if u already know about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I know. My point was that in the SWK variant, I had sweeping wind boosting spirit regen on top of all the RCR from cindercoat, as well as the spirit regen from epiphany, and air allies (and possibly the healing mantra too… can’t remember how I set it up). Adding SW to my LoD build increases my spirit regen so I can keep spamming WoL… more enjoyable.