Any advice to push GR?

Hello everyone,
I’m stuck at GR115 is it possible to solo push GR150? i only have augments and paragon left to get stronger, is there any other thing you see as a mistake on my build can you check it please?

Btw did echoing nightmare drop rate dropped? Because i completed 200 rift in 2 days however i had 0 echoing nightmare. Any advice for me to push gr would be helpful, thank you.

Build a Tal Rasha wizard for Gr150.

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Pushing a GR means pushing YOUR build/limits.

A GoD DH, which you linked, isn’t capable AFAIK of 150s. It maxes out somewhere around 130, maybe 140 with this season buffs (idk I haven’t played in a while). GoD is meant for low-tier speed farming.

The Marauder build is the only DH set capable of 150s. It is very clunky and not fun to play, but powerful it is.

I suggest doing this:

To go higher, or to clear medium high GRs faster, you need paragon points. Some of them from augments (at least level 125 whispers of atonement gems). You also need different rolls on your Focus ring and other passives (for going higher).

You can look at maxroll for inspiration as said before:

You must gear up your follower. Maxroll says Scoundrel. I usually use Templar or Enchantress. They must have the can not die token. To get strength roll on templar gear make a level 1 barbarian (or other strength class) and use him to roll the main stat on the gear. Likewise use a level 1 wizard (or another intelligence class) to roll echantress gear.


The petrified screams drop in greater rifts.


With the right Set, proper strategy to adapt and high paragon level; yes. Appears all Demon Hunter Sets are capable of reaching GR150 but the LoD/LoN setups, you just better check leaderboards in-game.

That’s a big impact. High paragon level and proper augments make all the difference. Again, check the leaderboards to have an idea, higher the paragon level; higher the power and less likely to fish for the perfect rift.

Gloves need to have Critical hit Damage% as priority, Area Damage% comes later. Restraint ring doesn’t need resistance, it need to have more offense affixes such as critical hit ratings. Focus ring may use an upgrade for Ancient quality. Boots need to have resistance and be Ancient quality.

At low paragon levels, Squirt’s can be problematic to play around and pushing without any augments. Consider taking Elusive Ring instead of CoE at Kanai’s Cube, because you won’t be able to evaluate this many variables in the heat of combat when you are fragile as a glass cannon.

The Petrified Scream drop rate is always 5% in Greater Rifts. For grabbing one to a few, you need to hit to speedfarming around 30 to 40 low tier Greater Rifts. If highest you can do is GR115, then stick to a tier where you can farm in 3 minutes, it can be tier 80-90 Greater Rifts.

Not having Petrified Scream along that journey is sure possible but given Petrified Screams’ drop rate, you should have at least 8-10 by now.

Ah yes, a few magical 5k+ paragon players have reached GR150 with GoD. The top one is over 9k paragon.

OP: To do this, you will have to quit your day job (and eating, exercising, taking care of family, and any other human activities), or use a bot to farm those levels. For the mere common man, it is not attainable.


is it possible to push dh this season? because i tried wizard but didnt like as much as dh
btw can you check if it’s the best tal rasha build

so if i try marauder is it possible to push 150, because i didnt like wizard and i think its late for this season to reach 150 with new character

yes i did almost 200 gr but i think i was just unlucky

i’ll try to make all of them thanks,

i can farm level 100gr in between 95-110 sec, but didnt get any, i think i was just unlucky