Any advice for surviving when running high GRs with LoD WoL?

So, funny story.

I’ve mostly been playing DH, but I got a little bored. So I swapped back to monk, equipped the WoL LoD build from the armory and jumped into a GR 120. Much to my surprise, I kept dying like crazy. After a few attempts, I gave up. The next day I came back and finally noticed that the stupid armory didn’t equip the LoD gem. But the goofy thing is, I didn’t notice at first, because even without it, I was still doing enough damage to make progress on a 120.

This led me to thinking that on high GRs 140+, monk players with this build must have a heck of a time staying alive. I’d expect it to feel about the same as my 120 with no LoD. How do you all do it? I do my best to keep Serenity up and using Dashing Strike as much as possible, but if I make any mistake at all, instant death from any scratch. It’s just super weird to have a build with such insane damage but also such fragility.

Long range casting avoiding any sort of tanking. If you can pop your bells from 40 yards away, why aren’t you?

Granted I am not an expert as I have played WoL once and decided that, while somewhat fun, it was not my playstyle.

Doesn’t really work with the new playstyle in s27. Need to have some way to detonate them, which in the recommended setup is cyclone strike. You can place the initial bells from a distance but your clone’s bells are the ones that matter and those kind of go wherever.

Been in melee range and detonate their bell with your cyclone isn’t max damage. Rapid Strike can double dip from clones detonate their bells with their cyclone strike. Rapid Strike calculates as 5.5x5.5 this way.

If the clones detonate their own bells it does more damage than if the monk detonates them? That doesn’t seem legit or possible to control.

Alright, I think I see what you’re saying now. I’m getting casual 500T crits even without Power pylon. It’s crazy. Can’t really control it but I love to see it.

I switched to Harmony from the cheat death and that seems to help a ton even though I only have 6 items with single resist. Is there a typical breakpoint for number of items with single resist that makes Harmony worth taking?

I d pick harmony even if 1/4 (3-4 pcs) comes with SR as its still substantial amount. But I typically avoid harmony in general and LF AR gears because cheat death is valued higher as you dont want to die accidentally from whatever reasons such as lag spike when epiphany just refreshed.

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