Another update?

just try to open battlenetapp and i got an error for 5min after that d2r update.
im afraid that the launch will be a crapfest

Well it did just update a moment ago, but I didn’t see any error message. What did it say? Did it give you any idea of the problem?

Mine updated just fine. No problems with it.

Patience little on.

Obi-Wan Kenobi has you in his sights.

same, updated all went according to plan

on their site is listed as a problem connecting to the server for update.

iam ready for error 37 :smiley:

iam kinda looking forward to it for the full launch experience :smiley:

I don’t see any update, says all up to date

restart battlenet app

1.0.65931 this is the latest version of D2R.

Hmm. Yeah, no problems here either. Perhaps re-launch the Battlenet app?

1.0.65931? Thats mine

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That’s all upto date then, you are all set.

no new update
says all up to date

That’s the same version that I show as well

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Thx man, hoping for a smooth launch

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Same here.

20 character thing.

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I didnt have to relaunch Bnet, I just clicked the gear next to play and checked for updates myself.

Last update brings back WSG

This true?


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