Another god dh question

just wondering for pushing higher, is it better for dual wield or wear 1-handed crossbow(dawn or valla) and ninth quiver and cube the other 1-handed crossbow(dawn or valla)? which set-up deals more damage?

Whilst you await further responses, the answer may be in…

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Generally, it’s easier to find a good set of weapons than a great Ninth Cirri Satchel (there are so many layers of RNG for that item), so dual wielding is the more common option by far. That said, I believe the higher damage output comes from using a quiver but it isn’t a very big difference (something like a few % at best). Here are the key differences:

Dual Wield:

  • 54% Critical Hit Chance (max)
  • 610% Critical Hit Damage (max)
  • 15% Attack Speed Increase (dual wield bonus)
  • 30% Hungering Arrow Damage (belt/pants)
  • 138-178% Area Damage (depending on rings used)
  • 10% Damage rolls on weapon averaged to 5% (each)


  • 64% Critical Hit Chance (max)
  • 480% Critical Hit Damage (max)
  • 20% Attack Speed Increase (max quiver bonus)
  • 45% Hungering Arrow Damage (quiver/belt/pants)
  • 134-174% Area Damage (depending on rings used)
  • 10% Damage roll on weapon not reduced

It’s important to note that the Hungering Arrow +% is additive to a number of other things, most notably Taeguk and Odyssey’s End (which greatly diminish its value as an affix). Also, when using Archery or Single Out, it’s possible to gain even more Critical Hit Chance which helps the dual wield setup further (possibly flipping it to being the better option).

So as you can see, they are very close and just go with the option based on what items you get. Once you have primal everything, you can plug in numbers to determine which will be the slightly better option.

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