Another Akkhan phalanx question

I see the top builds taking the 15% phalanx damage bonuses on the helm and boots. Is this damage percent added to the damage done by the condemn that they proc, since that’s the only real damager for this build, or is it just a throw-away roll that would be better spent on crit chance and life per second?

I tested a lot this, and i was doing more damage with %.
You don’t need life per second and crit since judgement gives you 8% crit chance, so… you can trade.
Source: Trust me bro… no, not really, i cleared 150 with akkham condemn hardcore.


Cool, just wanted to hear from someone who’d actually seen a diff! d3 planner doesn’t really work too good for this build, and not even the in-game stats show all my phalanx bonuses (I have the warhelm with 56% for phalanx on top of the 20% for lord commander and the 55% on my shield. the details tab doesn’t show the 56% included in, and I don’t know if it counts towards the condemn damage they proc either)

warhelm in cube, guardian helm, guardian bracers and that’s it.

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I think the Warhelm of Kassar may be broken. My Phalanx damage bonus does not change when I wear it or put it in the cube.

Is Warhelm better than Tasker? The attack speed bonus of Tasker is per bowman/shield bearer, so wouldn’t the extra stacks of Condemn really raise the DPS more than Warhelm? Or am I missing something here?

as you say, we need condems right? what better option to boost our main damage with warhelm? I read long ago that tasker was not good for this build, but i never tried. i was between to cube stone gauntlets vs warhelm, but warhelm boosted like hell my damage.
You need to be so aware of ur akkham “death cheath” procs, cause sometimes u need to press that button so much… xd. Well, gl hf. You can check my profile and get some ideas.

PD: Warhelm boost the recovery of palanx, so u can cast a lot of them and… a lot of condems. If you catch a potion with cd reduction, is a free gr clear.

I assume that T&T are useless for this build just like they useless for monk’s LoD ( which also a kinda “pet” build, contains Enforcer and % to Mystic Ally ). The shield bearers do damage only when you do, they copied your Condemn attack with the same speed, just like in monk’s LoD.

Btw, I saw a player on EU non seasonal ladder ( #1 atm ) who don’t have any % to Phalanx in gear, even Unrelenting Phalanx is in cube. But at his 19k paragon it maybe just a joke.

Just to clarify:

  • Bowmen benefit from Tasker and Warhelm.
  • Shield Bearers only benefit from Warhelm.

Warhelm’s 60% damage benefit started with patch 2.7.6.


[Edit: Ran some tests today with Bowmen on NS. Replaced Aughild’s Power with Warhelm and Strongarm Bracers]. Damage dropped. Strongarm bonus works with Judgement, it seems. Helm, however, does not work with Bowmen on NS. Damage bonus from Warhelm does not show in tooltips either.]

It’s strange, D3 planner doesn’t work for any % to Phalanx and Enforcer applied to Condemn.

I noticed this even in season. Currently running A5, Guardians 2, and Crimsons 2, then add in the ring and get the 6 and 3 piece bonuses of all. CoE 197% and Warhelm in cube and I cleared the 135 I couldn’t with any of my other setups. Using Shield Bearers ATM.

Cool. Thanks for the feedback. I will test the Warhelm, running the Shieldbearers rune next

How exactly is the math with regards to Phalanxs’ Condemn Damage with regards to +Phalanx Bonus (on Helmet,Boots) and +Condemn Bonus (Shoulder, Chest)?

Is it Phalanx Bonus * Condemn Bonus
Is it only Condemn Bonus only?

Does anyone know?
Guides seem to be contradicting here.
Do you want phalanx damage, condemn damage or both?

Both. Phalanx on helmet and boots. Condem on shoulders and chest. Just look at leaderbords.