Annihilus Charm SP / LADDER-Only


I am a veteran D2 player with around 5000+ hours that still occasionally plays PlugY D2 to this day.

After the recent announcement of Ladder items moving to Non-Ladder realms, we should consider having the Annihilus Charm be exclusive to SP/Ladder only.

Hear me out.

My points are mainly Economy focused.

Playing through D2R Alpha, Closed and Open Beta has been a good time and I am impressed with what the developers have achieved thus far. I look forward to the release day, however, the blue post below is a bit concerning,

Since we haven’t received any more details, the above raises more questions than it answers.

  • Will the event trigger globally for all players?
  • Will it be limited to Regions? or are there still unique server instances a la D2?
  • Have all duping methods been eliminated? Or will we see SoJs inflate the market again?

Originally, the 75-120 SoJ range to trigger the DClone event was a method for Blizzard to create an SoJ sink to combat the heavily inflated market due to duping. With D2R supposedly eliminating common duplication methods, the aforementioned range would have to be reduced, sort of, if that’s actually the case.

The “…values can change in the future.” line does not give too much confidence that duping methods have been fixed and they will likely be rampant at launch.

So this leaves us with several scenarios, all of which are based off of assumptions (at this point) and whose solutions are for the Anni becoming a SP/Ladder only item. Namely,

Scenario 1:

  • DClone event is global and affects all players
  • Duping is still present in game
  • 75-120 SoJ range is kept

This is actually the worse case scenario. Having 200K+ players active in game will immediately result in the Anni losing all value when everybody encounters the Dclone event (excluding some players that aren’t leveled/geared enough). SoJs obviously also lose value. There will be a frequent Uber diablo events and Annis will rain like candy.

Move Anni to Ladder only. The reset of the economy at a 3 month cadence will at least put a dent into the initial wave of duped SoJs. The community has enough time to organize Dclone events, especially with popular streamers organizing the walks. While you can cheaply gear a capable Paladin, the ramp up time before people can kill Dclone will also play a major role in mitigating the amount of Annis on the market.

Lastly, the Anni is also thematic with the idea of Ladder – it grants 5-10% Experienced gained, giving players an additional incentive to hunt for it.

Scenario 2:

  • DClone event is global and affects all players
  • Duping/Botting is non-existent
  • 75-120 SoJ range is kept

While the 75-120 SoJ range sounds aggressive in a world with no dupes, there will be enough communities and popular Twitch streamers that can organize walk events. SoJ value remains as is, however, with enough organized walks at a 200K+ player base, the Anni charm will eventually lose most of its value – especially after even the least dedicated player will eventually be geared/leveled enough to kill Dclone.

Same as in Scenario 1. But without the dupes. It will incentivize people to hop on ladder and build a capable character in order to kill Dclone and indirectly participating to the Ladder economy – ensuring a timed influx of players there, or at least around when community timed walk events are planned. This will mitigate the amount of Annis that flood the market as players cannot simply log back in 6 months later for a quick Uber Diablo kill.

As player numbers will dwindle in the future, the SoJ range can be reduced ensuring that the Anni remains hard to find, but not impossible.

Scenario 3:

  • DClone event is global and affects all players
  • Duping/Botting is non-existent
  • SoJ range is reduced

Anni’s will drop too frequently and lose value even faster. Hard pass.

Definitely Ladder. Same points as before. It will also reduce the reliance on large communities and make it possible for smaller Ladder clans to organize walk events.

Scenario 4:

  • DClone event is server IP range specific
  • Duping/Botting is non-existent
  • 75-120 SoJ range is kept

Sounds like Diablo 2, but without the dupes. Might be a bit aggressive but it will allow the Anni to retain its high value, however it will substantially become rarer as less players play the game. This was already the case in D2, where over the years with the market losing on duped SoJs and players, the frequency of new Anni’s dropped appropriately.

Ladder realms have a significantly lower SoJ requirement to spawn Dclone. Anni remains non-ladder.

Lastly, Scenario 5:

  • DClone event is server IP range specific
  • Duping/Botting is non-existent
  • Soj range is reduced

Again, similar to Diablo 2. Fairly balanced all around.

Ladder realms have a slightly lower SoJ requirement to spawn Dclone. Anni remains non-ladder.

There are a dozen more permutations/scenarios to include, especially with duping being a thing, but you get the point. Not all of the scenarios above push the Anni to Ladder Only, but there should be some incentive to roll a character on that realm.

The Anni charm is a staple item that is universal to any build and class and should be reserved for the end-game in D2. It’s the perfect candidate to incentivize Ladder play while simultaneously preserving its value on Non-Ladder, even if found on both realms.

I am genuinely curious how you guys would like to see the Anni handled, or which scenario and solution makes the most sense.


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I REEEEALY wish people would stop trying to give non ladder play (the core game btw) the shaft.
The whole ani discussion is seperate.
This is a NO for me.


I don’t think the above is giving a “shaft” to non-ladder. 80% of all my hours in D2 were spent in Non-Ladder as it was the place where all of my wealth was accumulated. Like you, I prefer to avoid Ladder and could care less for the top ranks.

Two of the scenarios above do not even limit the Anni to Ladder only.

However, let’s not throw Ladder under the bus. Especially when looking at what it can do for the game economy. We do not know what their plans for the Anni is and we do not know how rampant duping will be.

While I prefer D2 over D3, the D3 Seasonal incentives to start over are enough to get people interested in that Realm, without taking a whole lot from non-seasonal folks. Hell, there’s not even an economy in that game. As of now, there’s very little incentive to stick to Ladder.

For the Anni discussion, I honestly do not want a scenario where they’re worth a Hr or less just because the market is flooded with them. An abundance balancer here is Ladder, or at least having a higher chance of finding an Anni there. Not to mention that the 3 month Ladder cadence makes it so much more difficult for those folks to get one.

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Dude you just got all ladder items and runewords, pretty sure Ladder got the shaft for D2R…

Ladder play lost nothing. Meanwhile he’s advocating taking something from nonladder.


I agree, I would rather see Anni as a high tier end game item than one that’s handed out as candy. It’s a 1 to all skills SC, it has the perfect makings of an end game item for high level characters. That’s why I hope Diablo doesn’t spawn globally across all hell games.

I don’t think many veterans will agree with your post, but I do like the idea of making Uber Diablo a special event to look forward to. It would be nice starting up a ladder character with the intentions/hopes of running into Uber Diablo.

What’s worse? Making the anni too hard or too easy to obtain? I’ll always side with too hard because that’s what always made the best games fun for me.

If we want to forget this ladder talk and stay in line with how singleplayer is handling it (1 soj = spawn), then it should be 20% chance to spawn uber Diablo per soj sold. Why? Because multiplayer has trading, it keeps MFing and trading with others as end game activities. It also keeps the suspense factor for when the screen starts shaking.

I would be fine with the community based event or this one.


LOL you obviously haven’t been in game for the past 20 years or you’d know that non ladder has been and continues to be completely dead.

Not completely dead. That is where a large portion of pvp players are.

What if I don’t play ladder or don’t want to compete on the ladder?
Although they are called Ladder Characters, players do not have to compete on the ladder to play. You can simply play at your own speed and not worry about how you are ranked on the ladder.

they must play on west because on east, there is nothing but bot runs for non ladder with the once a day pvp game with 3 people in it.

na its basically dead on west too

Their plans are for much more in Ladders, and this is precisely why they moved Ladder exclusives to NL.

On D3 - it is exactly those sorts of incentives I believe they will introduce (slowly) in Ladders to incentivize the play. I may be wrong, but I doubt it :slight_smile:


I would rather they deleted Annihilus and Hellfire Torch from the game. Anything 1.10 and up should be cast into the fire, really.


I’ve been saying this myself OP, quite frankly the choice to not have anni as ladder only after the removal of other exclusives was just out of touch and nàive.

I’d be rather fine with it being non ladder too if the method used to spawn was reduced.

INB4 countless morons “gated content hurrrrrr durrrrrrrrrrrr”

“Want to give nl players the shaft hurrrrrrrr durrrrrrrr”

Kinda hope duping goes out of control that way ladder can go back to what it’s meant to be.

I dont have annihilus for 20 years because i dont play like a fanatic 24/7 on the ladder, but i want to play sometimes and take one or maybe 2 annihilus with nonladder person.

Well I wonder if that will change now that they removed 95% of the reasons to play ladder, other than race to 99 leaderboard and a forced reset…


You missed the main point. Non-ladder after some time doesn’t have any economy if ever had one was in like first 2-3 ladder seasons.

About regions, I’m almost sure will be only one global server and events happening on non-ladder wouldn’t be on ladder and vice-versa.

It’s better to split non-ladder and ladder instead of redo the wheel, if they didn’t planned, the solution would be just making as independent event in each mode. That would solve every single concern you have. You don’t need gate content, just make them independent like they should be.

I’m sure non ladder will be poppin when D2R is released, but after a season or 2 it will be even more dead than it is now with no trading market. When ladder season ends there is a huge influx of ladder items going to non ladder which revitalizes the trade market, at least for a short time. Ladder only items being on non ladder now will ensure that the trade market for non ladder continually drops off over time.

How about you fix duping instead of creating an entire solution around it.


I’m sure non ladder will be poppin when D2R is released

Exactly. Non-ladder is basically Season 0 or Pre-season at this point.

This is a possible solution I came up with! Has its Pros! :slight_smile: