Angry Chicken blocks activating objects

After reading the guide to good bug reports I’m afraid this might get downvoted:
( Im an Angry chicken - Items/Shrines uncluckable )
So I try to write one with more info since the issue has been there always, at least for me.
PTR 2.7.6, Mathex, seasonal, softcore, witch doctor.
While Angry Chicken is activated I can’t click/activate:
Portals in Greater + Nephalem rifts and open world

Occurs most of the times it is necessary to activate something.
When leaving Angry Chicken form it works but when entering form again it sometimes might work untill switching zone, other times it won’t

Same applies for doors.

Not sure if it’s tied to Angry chicken duration (usually it happens to me on the “later stage” of the chicken form).

Saw it happening to wudijo, as well, on his stream.