An Inna Reach buff?

For fun what would the inna reach 2 hander need to compete with shenlongs?
By incorporating a few ethereal buffs from seasons or adding extra chd? Would add some extra fun to the Inna build imo if implemented. At present I estimate Inna reach is about 8-10 gr levels behind shenlongs.

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Inna’s Reach needs to beat Shenlong’s 350%Bonus.
Likewise, dual wield allows:
two emeralds vs one emerald
+2000DEX (or VIT) vs +1465DEX
+two CDRs vs one CDR
two ADs vs one AD

Very difficult to beat the advantages of Dual Wield.

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I agree but it is worth noting this season there is a very strong Inna’s reach build.

I’ve been using it to speed run 120 GR in 2-2.5 mins depending on the map. Took some getting used to and I started around 113 and worked up as I learned the build and got the right rolls etc.

It uses the essence of anguish and captain crimsons to go nut on CDR basically allowing you to spam all your abilities all the time.

For high level pushing, shenlongs remains king but the Diabo build is super fun and lets you farm gear and paragon with very little stress. Just cyclone and detonate, teleport to the next group, rinse repeat.

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According to wudijo the Innas Reach push build is only 4-5 tiers behind the shenlong version. So if you change the mystic ally bonus on the Reach from 90-120% to 250-280%, that should even out the builds.


It’s also WAY easier to use.

Don’t have to work around convention, shenlongs or flying dragon.

Monsters just go boom.


You would still need to use flying dragon and CoE.

Oh, gross lol

I am using the speed build, so none of that bull donkey.

I hate pushing though, so that might have something to do with it…

What poison skill are you using to trigger the anguish shard?
I tested it but could not get the big cdr to work by using the toxin gem.
Thanks in advance.

I rolled poison damage on the weapon itself.

for whatever reason it works, even though I don’t have any poison skills.

will attempt that roll
definitely will try it out

It’s a fun build once you figure it out.

Maxroll has a good build guide for it that explains the mechanics pretty well.

What would be the best reach setup for highest push?
Anyone you know doing a mid 145ish using Inna Reach?
For seasons only as there is a huge disparity between this season and non season.

Yeah, pyrosk did a 147 with not very high paragon. Diablo 3 Season 25 - Water Ally Inna Monk GR 147 with Shenlong's (2.1k para, solo-play only) - YouTube

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