Amiibo goblin missing

Blizzard released d3 amiibo on nintendo switch by gamestop. And now amiibo is missing to buy.

It released costing 15 usd. Now after gamestop abandoned amiibo goblin sales. This caused other ressellers to deal it for 100 usd. This is an absurd.

They could to improve this goblin amiibo effect:
Lvl 1 to 10 can be used just one time.
Lvl 11 to 20 same.
Lvl 21 to 30 same.

Lvl 61-69 same.
And lvl 70 daily.

Fix the amiibo goblin power blizzard and release it to sell again. You cant remove support or give one advantage for old players and remove it for new players.

I see shrinkwrap versions available on multiple sites like Amazon and Mercari selling a goblin Amiibo between $30 and $75.

Unless this is some digital-only thing and then, tough areolas.