Amazing update to Crusader

This next suggestion is so good I had to slap myself and my neighbors repeatedly to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Steed Charge no longer ends when activating other skills and lasts forever until canceled.

Make this part of some set somehow.




Next? Buff Akkhan’s set. 2,000% is pitiful. IK set for the Barb is 4,000% and that’s not enough. Also raise the DR from 50 to 60%. Honestly, make them both 10,000% And call it a day. Then , maybe, Shield Throw can be a thing again. And maybe the IK set could use a different skill instead of HoTA.

Buff both sets please. PTR is the best time to do it too.

Akkhan Phalanx Condemn creativity is very imaginative and excellent. But during the patch of PTR Phase 2,Akkhan Phalanx Condemn made players feel very disappointed.Blizzard must spend time focusing on its improvement.


In case you missed it, Akkhan has been nerfed to 1500% on PTR. Not sure what kind of new breed of laziness is driving this, but this nerf (besides being simply stupid) is not even included in patch notes.


Yeah, that’s definitely a step in the wrong direction. Either it’s a bug they don’t care to fix since it’s only in PTR -or- they plan on nerfsticking a class set that is already gimpped as all heck which would MAKE NO SENSE at all.

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Probably all of what you listed…Blizzard seems to lazy to even pin their own posts any more. You have to wonder, do they even ever bother reading this feedback?

Change blessed hammer for blessed shield angelic powers. Someone might actually play it!

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Watching the last PTRs (S24, 25, 26 and 27) the impression is that Blizz is using D3 lasting days to test mechanics to D4.

All those nerfs and tweaks serve no purpose another than make people angry and desmotivated to play the game…

Maybe because Necro got into the last D4 class they are trying to make people forget about saders…

I support this idea. I have never understood why it is not like that now.

There, do not exaggerate !

Nice! We can stay on our horses and cast all skills. Pretty much like WD’s spirit walk.

I support this!

It doesn’t even have to be a sanctified power. Mount and blade! Make it happen!


In diablo II I was told I was once told I was the worst necromancer they had ever seen. Oh really?


This idea should still be included in Season 28. It’s never too late.