Alternative to Squirt's Necklace

I am doing Inna+ TR wearing Focus+Restraint and Squirt Necklace.

For low to mid GR, I can kill fast enough I seldom get hit and Squirt is up most of the time. Or at least I can say I average >4 Squirt buffs.

But for high GR, I rarely see Squirt buff > 2. Often it is ZERO!

So I am contemplating on not using Squirt but what? Any suggestion?

Don’t give up on Squirts.

Make sure to equip Guardian’s Path passive and I’m sure Mantra of Salvation:Agility is already on the skill bar.

Even if you have 0% Squirts uptime, you are going to get double damage for 2 minutes with a Shield Pylon and likely double damage on a few rift Guardians.

When you spread this benefit over 15 minutes, you’ll realize nothing else is quite as good.

Because we are comparing Squirts to Hellfire, assume the best damage passive gives 20% multiplicative damage You pick this and your 15:00 top-end push drops down to 12:30.

Compared to Squirts, you are automatically going to earn 2 minutes of progress on a Shield Pylon, possibly more because you will play aggressively. If the rift guardian takes 3 minutes, you just cut that in half and your clear is now 11:30, which is 1 minute faster than Hellfire — provided Squirts doesn’t kill you.

With good elites affixes and meleeing trash mobs, expect some Squirts uptime throughout the rift.

Hopefully this perspective on Squirts keeps you on the right track.


One other important factor when using a Squirt’s during pushing is getting a combo of pylon powers. The shield pylon means you go to 10 stacks (and are immune to damage) so you gain 100% damage boost, i.e. double damage. If you can combine that with a power pylon which gives 400% extra damage, i.e. five times damage, you end up doing ten times damage whilst they’re both up. That’s the sort of thing people are fishing for.


That is my problem. I am not even concerned about losing the damage buff as much as just getting one shot so often. I know my build isn’t nearly optimised and already doing like 125’s so that should be taken into account.

I am considering replacing it with literally any other well rolled amulet.

What is your paragon? For me, 140+ started feeling safe around 2400-2500p, meaning I wasn’t getting one shot from even the smallest inbound damage. (poison enchanted ticks, etc.). I also find having at least ~800khp, physical resist rolls and the Harmony passive makes the build feel better. I still use Jade Talon in push.

Hellfire is really the only alternative, and they are hard to get with a good passive and good rolls, but still, if you get one, I think it could be worth it.

It’s pretty nice to roll with Guardian’s Path, Unity, Seize the initiative, beacon of Ytar and Near Death Experience. And if you can get a good passive on ethereal, another bonus! Monks might have the most really useful passives in the game. Harmony, Momentum, Relentless Assault, Chant of Resonance (for TR variant innas). So many to pick from that the hellfire amulet, while a drop in dps from squirts, is still a good alternative.

I found a decent Squirts and I am afraid of that debuff. Taking 50% more damage from pretty much anything is going to 1 shot me if I am pushing the limit. Doing double damage though…It might just make your limit that much higher. I will have to try it.

I learned long ago that killing things faster is the best defense around :wink: Caveat: USUALLY works lol

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