Altar of rites no gem detected

Altough I already have 3 flawless diamonds in my inventory and all the mats, I can’t seem to make a sacrifice for the 2nd seal, as it says I don’t have a diamond.

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I am having the exact same issue. I should’ve been able to unlock C seal, but it simply says next offering of GR stone & death’s breath. I have a the items to unlock it & no matter where I put the diamond it won’t allow the seal to be unlocked.

My guess is that you’ve already unlocked the 2nd Seal. So, you’ve already sacrificed a Flawless Diamond.

A, B, C, etc. Makes no difference. Each time you unlock a Seal, the cost goes up.

Check again and make sure you haven’t unlocked 2 Seals. If you’ve only unlocked 1 Seal, then you have an issue.

I have A, B unlocked. My understanding was, seals at the same level ‘cost’ the same. So B, C are both 1 flawless diamond + 10 reusable parts. Is that not the case? I shouldn’t need to unlock D to have C unlocked. That’d be horrible to progress on this.

Nope, that isn’t at all how it works. Each node has to be unlocked individually. Did you even look at the altar? Did you read the patch notes?


Apparently I’m an idiot for asking for some clarification. Apologizes for being a hack player & wasting your time.

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This is a bug report forum, not a help forum. If you need clarification, post in either the General Discussion forum, or the New Player Help forum. Those exist for a reason. This Bug Report forum is flooded by “bugs” that are nothing more than user error, which makes it hard to discuss actual potential bugs.


Lol! That’s the point of posting here. I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or user error, so I asked for clarification. Which the first person to suggested as well. “If it’s not this, it’s a bug.” Now any other person that may have painted themselves into a corner like me will see it here & think, “oh this person saved me some time.” And since I’m not the only one who was having issues understanding (regardless of whether they read everything or not), that means it might actually help a few people. Just take the W. :smiling_face:

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Evidently, you do not understand what this Bug Report Forum is used for or how it works. So, you should take the time and read the “instructions”.

Friendly tip: If you’re not sure if something is a game bug, post in the General Discusion Forum or the New Player Help Forum. If other players can confirm you indeed have a bug, then you can move your thread to the appropriate Forum.

Moving Threads

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the title of your thread.
  2. Click the “Category” field to bring up a list of Forums.
  3. Find the proper Forum and select it.
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I’m having the same issue. I only unlocked the first seal. I’m trying to open a second, but the alter “sacrifice” button is greyed out. I have the mats and the diamond, but the diamond requirements say 0/1.

Is your diamond a flawless diamond and not a ruby/amethyst/topas/smaragd?

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It has to be a flawless (or better) diamond - i.e. not the round one (that start to drop at lvl 18), but at least a “tear drop” (these drop I think at around lvl 30) - but you can actually make a flawless diamond earlier out of two regular diamonds when you upgrade your gem artisan (it costs 1000 gold)

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Corn is correct.

  1. You MUST use a FLAWLESS Diamond.
  2. It DOES NOT have to be in your Inventory. (Can be in Stash).
  3. You MUST click on the Seal you want to break before the Sacrifice button lights up.

Everything you need to know (about Seal #2):

It’s all correct. I have the flawless gem (one in my stash, one in my inventory) and the materials. Clicked on the seal. The seal glows, but “sacrifice” is still greyed out. How do I post a screenshot?

Do you have “flawless gem” or “flawless diamond” specifically?

If it requires a diamond specifically, then it looks like it’s not a bug, I apologize. I have a flawless amethyst (looking at the requirements, it looks like an amethyst to me).

Well, it has a tooltip when you hover over it. See the video (at 1:12) linked by Perusoe. What does the tooltip say?

Read the tooltips carefully - just so you do not come here to file another bug “Altar does not see my Puzzle Ring” or “Altar does not see my Hellfire Amulet” :wink:


Reading is fundamental.

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There is definitely a bug. I have the gem in my inventory and the button is grayed out.

Stupid question time - you do have the top node unlocked, right?

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