Altar of Rites Anointed perk prevents crafting Hope of Cain

In season 30, there are mission “… is another man’s treasure” in chapter 4, which demands you to craft legendary item through Hope of Cain. But it can not be done with acquired Anointed perk from Altar of Rites, which makes all items in the game 1 lvl. And Hope of Cain requires 70 lvl blue item, i tried like 15 items and every time i get “Transmute failed”. I think i cannot undone Altar of Rites decision and deny this perk.

The items ARE NOT LEVEL 1.

The Character Level Required to equip the items is 1.

Level 70 Rare items (for upgrade in the Cube) have the prefix Sovereign.

If you play a Necromancer:

  • Scythes have the prefix Grandmaster.
  • Phylacteries have the prefix Embalming.


Firstly, the item required is a level 70 rare.

Secondly, item level and level requirement are two separate things. The Altar removes the latter but the item level is unchanged. Craft Sovereign items. Those are level 70, no matter the level requirement.


Hope of Cain requires:

Amount Component
1 Level 70 Rare item (yellow)
50 Reusable Parts
50 Arcane Dust
50 Veiled Crystal
25 Death’s Breath

‘Magic’ items are blue, ‘Rare’ items are yellow.


yeah, i had too much WoW in my life i think, forgot rare is yellow here