Akkhian condemn crusader

Is a condemn crusader with alhian set and auguld still viable ? Cube furnace or condemn sword plus squirts and the obsidian ring in cube

Could I easily push 100 with this setup

I have a masquerade necro with Auguld but getting stumped at 120 can do 105 in 5 mins

Are you playing Season 22?

Norvald’s Fervor 2pc set equipped with Blade of Prophecy and Frydehr’s Wrath is the way to go.

Non-Season, you want to equip Furnace and Frydehr’s Wrath and cube Blade of Prophecy.

Both combos work well with F&R + CC3 + Aughild’s.

Yea on Xbox so it won’t show my characters

Was thinking of running cube furnace bop obsidian and squirts

I have a primal ancient ashbringer I was gonna run with