After patch no altar

Game mode non-season does not have altar despite patchnotes saying it would.



Asia Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • No Mail
  • Had Altar of Rites

Europe Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • Had Mail. Contained 3 Haedrig’s Gifts even though I already collected them during Season 29.
  • NO Altar of Rites

Americas Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • No Mail
  • NO Altar of Rites

Went back to Asia Region to check for Mail

  • No Mail
  • NO Altar of Rites this time


Bug also present on console Version.
No altar in non seasonal mode


It’s not a bug. It has just been confirmed by Pez that it is Season-only.

The section on the patch notes about the Alter are below the “Patch 2.77” heading (along with the balance changes to sets, etc.). The set bonuses have changed and match the patch notes – but there’s no alter.
If the Alter and Visions of Enmity were going to be seasonal only, they should have been in the Season section (or their own section)

And who is this Pez? A dispenser of wisdom?

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I have this bug too.


why it says on the launcher patch 2.7.7 is live today and the Rites of Sanctuary and Visions of Enmity to try them out “TODAY”. But there not in the game to try out.


I also have this bug, launcher says “Rites of Sanctuary and Visions of Enmity are here to stay, …, Try them out in Patch 2.7.7. today!” but the altar is not accessible in game.

I really hope this is a bug and not intentional, as a lot of casual players like myself do not have the hours to invest in playing seasons, and these features would make the game much more fun for us.


Adam Fletcher, a.k.a. PezRadar, is “Global Community Development Director for all things concerning Diablo at Blizzard Entertainment” (

So, like, he ought to be what you said, but apparently it’s not the case.


I agree. But, they weren’t.

Adam Fletcher

Global Community Development Director for all things @Diablo at @Blizzard_Ent

When last asked about the Altar of Rites being in non-Season his response was:

Adam Fletcher

Seasons only.

5:54 PM · Jan 9, 2024

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I believe him (anymore). Which is why I’m just going to wait until Season 30 and see what we actually get. And then again when Season 30 ends.


As of writing this, we’re 46 hours 17 minutes from finding this out on Asia server.


You’re setting yourself up for dissappintment

they need to redo the slide on the launcher if the altar is NOT apart of non-seasons. when they said “returning permanent features”, that implies non-season, season…etc. idk why they would want it on seasons only to begin with. D3 is in maintenance mode now, anyway. you’ll get the normal spike at season starts, but then it will plummet. they aren’t making any new money from it. just make the “features” on ALL versions of the game.


Have this bug too. Switching the regions doesn’t solve the problem.

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No I’m not. I already expect that it will either be there or it will not.

The only time I play non-Season is between Seasons anyway. And that’s only if I get the “itch” to play D3 and the Season hasn’t started yet.

Also experiencing this bug (definitely the Altar, haven’t played enough to confirm lack of Enmity rifts). Both patch notes and the launcher say the features which I was very much looking forward to should be there, sadly they aren’t.


Hey all,

Just to consolidate/highlight:

The Altar and Visions are part of Seasonal mode only. They aren’t intended to be part of non Seasonal.

This can be found in the S30 PTR notes and secondarily on the twitter of a Bliz Community rep.

The ad that is displaying on the game launcher is incorrect.

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Everyone knows this. But maybe if we all make enough noise they will revert the blatant disrespect they have shown us all.

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Some don’t. I just bring it up for informational purposes.

I’m all for making noise about the decision, very much all for it.


A most perplexing design choice. Both features fix issues players have complained about for years that aren’t limited to seasons. The power creep from the altar has been nerfed so much, it should not be a problem in non season.