Add multiplier to Kridershot and buff Augustine's Panacea

Pls add multipliers/buff these two items, so that Elemental Arrow can be played with Unhallowed Essence. The build is allready in the game, so it should just be to add more damage so that EA is viable once again.

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It’s unlikely to happen considering how laggy Ball Lightning rune is.

but was super funny and interesting build, i hope they will incrase it.

Doesn’t matter how much fun it was. If the issues are not solved, any sort of buff is not happening.

I do also would like to have a multiplier to Kridershot. Nothing too big to make it appear on leaderboards but at least good enough to be able to speed farm T16.

It is reasonable for them to buff the other runes on Augustine’s Panacea and leave Ball Lightning as the inferior choice so it gets the least usage.

  • Ball Lightning now travels at 30% speed.
  • Frost Arrow damage and Chilled duration increased by 800%.
  • Immolation Arrow ground damage over time increased by 900%.
  • Lightning Bolts damage and Stun duration increased by 1000%.
  • Nether Tentacles damage and healing amount increased by 900%.

Who’d prefer Ball Lightning like this?

You absolutely can use Augustine to destroy T16 content on Marauder. M6 Frost Arrow will exceed GR130 pushes with 5k paragon behind it. Chakram works well too for T16 because you can equip the Sword and cube Echoing Fury. It will spit out Chakrams quite fast without you even needing to attack, just lay down your turrets ahead and march forward.