About upgrading Rare item

So usually I have no trouble upgrading rare items, but since today I’m not able to upgrade any item. It always tells me that Transmute failed. And yes I have the right amount of mats but yet nothing works ^^’
Has anyone had this problem before?

If you have mats, the only problem that I can see is that your item isn’t at level 70.


I agree with @Strix.

I don’t know which Character you tried this with. You have 3 Seasonal Characters on the Americas Region.

  1. Your Seasonal Barbarian is Level 40 and cannot equip Level 70 items anyway.

  1. Your Seasonal Witch Doctor does not have any Rare items equipped. (Unless the items you’re trying to Upgrade are in your Stash).

  1. Your Seasonal Monk is Level 70 (668). His Rare Pants are Level 23. His Rare Fist Weapon is Level 34.

It even says in the Hope of Cain Recipe for upgrading items:

Rare Equippable Level 70 Item x1

The operative phrase being: Level 70 Item.