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PTR 2.7

  1. Firebird Set: Changes at least make it a playable set. I never used to keep the firebird parts I picked up because it was useless (compared to other wizard setups). .

  2. Rathma Set: Love it a full blown pet set with a weird Bone Spirit add on. I figure you needed a place for the new bone spirit bracer to fit in, but it seems odd in a pet centered set.

  3. Followers: Like the cheat death option, and finally able to equip a little of everything on them, but that is also a problem as it would be nice to get additional inventory space (like 2 tabs) to allow for adapting the follower to the play type (ie speed build, GR runs, etc). As it is I barely have enough space for the basic characters (I play them all - favs Necro and Barb). I would think it’s a simple fix (add them in season as normal just more of them).

From reading many of the other PTR comments they are a lot better at it than I am (probably because they get to play more and understand the mechanics better than myself). But I figured I’d throw my $.02 in. Looking forward to D4 as this series has been my favorite break from reality for a long time (D2 forward). Thanks!

Why did blizzard pin this post to the top? Is it because it didn’t have any real feedback? The rathma set has been nerfed out of existence. No one is even going to play it. What a waste.

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New here? Mmmmmhmmmmmmmmm