About Paragon and reforge costs

Sett Paragon Cap to 3200 and reforge cost reduce from 50 souls to 10 souls. And maybe ( dont know if possible) that removes any changes you made to it and put it back to the orginally found form.

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totaly agree, put paragon cap,2k-3k-4k but put a cap

No thanks, I like it when paragon is capped at 20k

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just go away…more and more players are for a cap…

all the legit player are for cap.
Obviusly not at 800, but around 3k for nerf bot power.

Can we uncap Paragon from 20k xD

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  1. I’m a legit player.
  2. I don’t want a paragon cap.

You’re doing a “no true Scotsman” fallacy here.

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