About Mod USER NUMBERS (the deception)

The amount of people who use them, including the streamers and youtubers, pale in comparison to the numbers of ladder players that use D2JSP. In fact, the number of players that use D2JSP at any given time is double what the modders (hackers who have drawn players away from bnet) get combined for an entire day.

Blizzard, if you want D2:R to be successful by selling to the majority of JSP bnet users, stick to your original plan of serving the 100K+ bnet players and not the 10k that use hacks and illegal servers.

As for legit single player users, there are more legits as well that use diabloIInet and purediablo. Giving into hackers and their supporter is not a wise business practice.

P.s., I play on bnet and single player and I don’t use d2jsp nor do I use mods.

To give you a simple idea how bad the mods are and the people that use them, one of them has made it so the player can have 3 fire golems. Which is funny considering a legit fire golem build in the current game is one of the top 5 most powerful builds.

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Have You Only Played 5 Builds?

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You know whether or not I have. Remember when you use to troll my youtube channel calling calling me derogatory homosexual names because you were envious of my builds and skills? You were mad because I had my own actual builds and I didn’t need to buy my gear on jsp like you do for builds other people developed. The fact you don’t know about the 125K+ fire necro build speaks volumes.

Post A Video Then
Because If I Havent Heard Of It
It Doesnt Exist

That’s funny considering when I was having a conversation on these forum with the very person that developed the build, you were liking some of his comments. Remember, unguideddumb. He posted videos of his character solo clearing hell Chaos in an 8 player game in less than 2 minutes. That was like less than a year ago. Clearly you’re not as knowledgeable as you think.

Hey, quick, tell me the build that solos ubers (all 3 at the same time) in an 8 player game without ever using an attack skill?

Just to make your numbers a bit more accurate, I checked out the subreddits for the 3 biggest mods, and add up the members of the 3, it’s about 70k.

Not disagreeing with your comparison or everything, JSP has 900k registered users (even though that forum also talks about other games, I think it’s safe to assume the majority are D2 players). Just that I believe that when talking numbers, it’s good to have those numbers.

Percentages are pretty much the same, but you’re right. Also, I’m sure the three subreddits share a high proportion of users, like say, 20K users.

Yes, one sub has 20k, another has 30k and another has 20k (approximatedly). Also a smaller mod has 4k on the reddit.

Still huge compared to a certain old game I play that has a private server (official servers shut down 10 years ago, company that made it no longer exists, which is the only situation in which I find private servers to be acceptable) that keeps it somewhat alive with around 70 people online. Lol.

At least I can say I know every single person who still plays that game, it’s an interesting experience to be in a small and tight community like that. It’s also a similar experience to play Diablo 1 online.

I was saying that the 20K people in each subreddit are the same people. So it’s not likely 75K different people but more like 20K with one having 30K. Also, the number of people who did the poll asking for changes, doesn’t reflect the numbers of any of those forums, so I suspect most of those users are not active D2 players.

Well, can’t know for sure but probably yes, a lot of people that are in the 3 subs at the same time.

As for the poll, I think a big number of those replies are people who quit D2 long ago, maybe moved to modern ARPGs or maybe to something else altogether, and think they would enjoy the game again if it implemented things that they’ve seen in other games and liked. I don’t think that is true. If someone got over D2 and moved on to something else, it’s very unlikely that they’ll move back over some changes, although they might try it out for like a month or 2 for a fit of nostalgia. It was definitely what happened to me when I quit WoW for FF14, no matter how much they improved Classic (which for me is the better version of the game), there’s no reason for me to go back to that game.

TLDR: the people who are going to stick with D2R are, most likely, the ones who already play the game right now. I’ve seen this same pattern happen with many, many other games where people come back to a game because it’s been remastered, blast it in a month and go back to whatever they were playing mainly. Big changes are not gonna bring people back to D2 for any longer than 2 months.

I think the number of people who continue to play D2:R after the first 3 months will have a lot to do with real money item sales. Also, without bots the ladder resets will be a blast, more so, arguably, than any other currently played game in the genre. That said, the fact the game is a Blizzard game, is going to hurt the numbers. It’s going to be interesting to see.

Since the game is not gonna start with ladder in it yet, it’s gonna take a little time until we find out

I’m sure we’ll see a reset within a month or two max after launch.

You know Punk; did you read the d3 forums before it was released, you old diablo dog you.


The exact same thing was said about d3.

Of course a 20 year gap is all the legitimacy forum gold needs to gain. Except that corruption thing awhile back, and the gameplay systems in d2 dont and cant come close to its ‘peers’.

spins in a circle giggling patience

I’m thinking if I start now I can be somewhere in the top 25 of hardcore barbarians before Dec ladder reset. SSF.