Abandoned Servant House

According to Google, the above location should be NE in the Southern Highlands region. However it never spawns. The wiki page also alleges that the building itself can be found with the door either shut or open, this structure doesn’t appear (render) in either context. Has it been patched/glitched out? Or is it in another place altogether and the wiki is just wrong?

Asking because this is the last area I need for my Act I locations achievement.

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Just tried to do this achievement as well. Both times I have found the door to be locked and unable to break or open it.

It as well is the last item I need for the achievement.

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I remember this, this is where i found Arghus the Collector.
I dont see this for years… I think this zone does not go out in adventure mode because there is no contract for that zone. So play story mode, after killing Queen Araneae.

I just did this achievement tow days ago. It took about 40+ times of loading the game to get the house to spawn, it spawned three times, and on the third try it was open, the item was there in the house.

It is basically a 1.5% spawn rate.