A6I2 (Live patch clears)

Video - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/799831242
(Start 1:47:00)

5 Floors (GR 146)
Spaghetti - Red Spider (I think)
Plague tunners - Grotesques
Spaghetti - Summoners with 1 pack condi
Crater - God comp
Desert - Swarms

Boss - Hamelin.

D3 planner : https://www.d3planner.com/803098248
Paragon : 10,490
Area Damage : 185%
Block chance : 73%

Thoughts : Definitely can go higher and Bomb is not Dead.

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Thanks for the post.

Words can not describe how much I despise this playstyle. And if that wasn’t enough, the poor sod got a massive screen freeze just before the RG spawn. The only consolation was the upbeat soundtrack.

I really hope Blizz brings up the other Sader builds into balance, because if this the the face of the solo end-game for crusaders, then I may as well just weep right now.


147 Video - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/800713276
(Start 1:32:00)
5 Floors (GR 147)
Boss - Man Carver (14:43)

After the nerf is A6I2 still better than I6? Just wondering as I haven’t tried yet.

A6I2 blows I6 out of the water. It is the strongest Crusader build.

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GR 148 Video - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/803803749
Start of video : 01:56:00

6 Floors (GR 148)
Festering - Bees and Accursed with condi
Cathedral - Impalers
Desert - Lacunis Phasebeasts
Hall of Agony - Hulks (ran thru entire floor)
Hell rift - Hulks
Halls of Agony - Lacunis Phasebeasts

Boss - Erethon.

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GR 149 Video - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/804035556
Start of video : 01:19:00

4 Floors (GR 149)
Festering - Frogs with 2 pack condi
Corvus - Frogs
Zoltun Kulle - Red Spiders
Pandemonium - Shamens

Boss - Saxtris (14:05)

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Nice work.

Surprised that both you and the other Bombs player up in top 10 both missing Thorns on Ammy and Shield, those would probably make a noticeable difference when you can pick them up.

thorns isnt key damage

The main damage is area damage (to spawn the Boss) and strength.
Positioning is very important. Dont make super big pulls as the bombs will fly to afrika.

If trash is tanky, press bomb at 1/2 lightning. So that it softens them enough before physical rotation for oculus.

Its kinda like 4 man spirit barrage, Not every scenario is the same.

I did miss 150 by 29s in one of the runs.

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Pretty derogatory reference here. Nothing about Africa makes it remote. If you want to create a remote reference there is the generally accepted phrase of, “…from here to Timbuktu.”

Interestingly, an Aussie streamer said something like this in one of his past vids too.

This video is gr 147 - gr 150 Sader bomb thorns in 4 man group Live Server.

This is to illustrate that bomb sader can be trash killer in non season if folks dont want play 144 WD speed runs.

Start of video - 3:54:00

Trashkiller D3planner - https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/546603551

And since Timbuktu is in Africa…well, thanks for moving the “derogatory” out of the rain and straight into the gutter.


I think you misunderstand. The issue here is being remote - “Dont make super big pulls as the bombs will fly to afrika.” i.e. Don’t make big pulls or your bombs will scatter.

Africa is a continent. Pretty visible when you’re looking at a map/atlas. As typically it is shown in the center, which may have something to do with the “out of Africa” idea. Less obvious is Timbuktu, which at one point was a center of knowledge.

“From here to Timbuktu” is an actual expression, denoting a remote place. Something hard to reach. Especially so because Mali is kinda in the Sahara desert.

But we’re derailing the thread. I thought it was a good idea to point out the unconscious bias, not to take over with talks of self righteousness/entitlement of the 1st world.

I am actually interested in the work being done in this thread.

A new trash killer meta is out. It wont be a secret anymore. Created by chinese players.

AoV6/Crimsons3/Novalds2/Endless Walk/CoE
Gems needed Pain enhancer, trapped + gogok
Required cdr in town = 60%
Required cdr in rift = 65% (approximately after gogok)

Stats : Cdr, Area damage, Holy damage, Heaven’s Fury damage

Cube : Fate of the Fell, Leoric’s crown, Rorg, (Shield of Fury Season22 only)

Game play :
Zbarb stomp all the elites ontop of one another, stomp on every Sader’s holy cycle to proc Bracer of Fury. Each stomp takes away 40% of elite’s hp.
Bleeding provided by zdh. Bleeding increases trask killer’s attack speed.

Gr150 capable. Test runs cleared at 8mins. Can be further improved.
This will replace WD permanently in non season.


I don’t see how you counter lag due to extreme high attack speed of TK. I don’t think it will be viable unless to play in a perfect and empty server.
Area damage + 4-5 APS + Fist of Heavens and no lag? I’d like it but I find it impossible to play pratically.

I can see how this can work, being that I’m already posting hits as high as 7Q assisting the current trash killer with no AD.

Norvald’s raises those hits to 17.5Q. Area damage brings it up substantially. And 4-5APS more than doubles it.

It makes sense. How much AD are they running it with? 134% 154%?

I literally destroyed a nice Shield of Fury default with AD and CHC. I have a primal Fate of the Fell tucked away with AD. I was about to trash my other AoV AD gear, glad i saw this post.

Side note: In non-season, have you tried A6I2 Bombardment with Squirts and the Rally rune on Akarat’s Champion to double cast Bombardment? (probably hard to survive) I’ve played the LoN version of that a bit in lower GR speeds with Zei’s, it wasn’t half bad.

According to the Chinese, Area damage is key. I have streamed the game play testing today (i played zdh and watched their damage), its really impressive.

Regarding “how to increase bombardment damage” in groups, i believe some folks already covered. You will intentionally take damage and drink a potion to sync the Free 4s bombs with your physical cycle. Drink the potion at 3/4 (or 9 o’clock) of any elements. This will ensure free bombs always drop at start of physical which will coincide with your manual cast bombardments.

Prophet is the best rune as it gives free cheat death for the trash killer (100% uptime). If trash killer dies, its all over.

The lag only happens if the trash killer cast fist of heavens into density.
The correct way to play is point your mouse outside the density (on a lone target), press FoH on it to maintain 3 stacks. Force stand still and spam heaven’s fury in the direction of “stacked up elite packs”.

As today is the first day those guys were testing, many things need to be ironed out.

But the potential is huge. It will become S22 GR150 gem up meta. With +300% 4th cube Shield of Fury added, this build gonna rekt GR150 with a mere 3k paras.


As experienced BK I know how to cast FotH to prevent lag; I doubt it will work by the way, I think stress on servers will be too much (especially at the begin of new season) but I hope to be wrong.

Speaking about potential of this TK build, I see too how strong could be; I don’t think it will replace WD Zombie Dogs in terms of damage, since with 4th Kanai, WDs will be able to equip Captain Crimson and benefit from another huge buff; we will see.

Don’t forget that in Season, BK would equip Norvald with both FotF and Shield of Fury cubed; The Furnace will be lost but Norvald will give stronger buff.

We will see ridicoulously high clears, even with low paragon… and not counting the Seasonal theme.

Here is my observation of Post nerf wd.

Highly skilled WD with 5-6k paras could 1 shot GR 144.
Equally skilled WD with 7-8k paras could 1 shot GR 145.

S22 Capt crimsons WD at 5k paras (avg highest paragon achievable by humans) is +2 to 3 tiers. Thats only GR 147 max. Im not taking about 3 supports meta, im just looking at casual 150 gem ups. Thus there is still a gap to fill even with crimsons. Of cos, they can still clear the 150, dont get me wrong. But it wont be consistently done at 6-7mins, it could be more than 10mins (which isnt efficient).

WD, 2 supports and Boss killer - The game play does not allow BK to stay and slay dying elite from 30% hp down to 10% executable hp. Why? Because its a waste of time for the WD to stand there, spam Barrages together with BK to take down that 30% hp. Its either drag it or abandon it.

Thus for gem ups, a safe bet is this Chinese created trash killer. In non season its already very viable. Let alone +300% Shield of fury in 4th cube. Like i said, a 3k trash killer sader can out-dps a 5k WD for gem ups. It looks pretty good.

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Wow all these years later and they never changed that. This was part of the reason LON bombard was so strong at it’s time.